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to Classes 

Lasell Annual Fund 
Goal Announced 
for 1979-80 

Congratulations Alumnae and 
Friends! As you know, through your 
generosity the Lasell Annual Fund 
1978-79 achieved the highest jgoal 
ever and exceeded it. Special mention 
must be made of the contribution of 
the class of 1921 that led all classes in 
raising $5,480. The class of 1949 had 
the most participants, totaling 71 and 
71% of the class of 1919 contributed, 
achieving the highest class percentage. 

Among the Reunioning classes 
1949 had not only the highest dollar 
total with $3,239, but also the largest 
number of donors (71) and 1919 had 

the greatest percentage of contributors 

The 1978-79 goal was $75,000 and 
19% of the alumnae body donated 
$61,742 with a grand total of 
$79,175. In 1979-80 Lasell's goal is 
$80,000 and 21% participation. If you 
did not give last year your help is 
needed now. College costs have risen 
sharply and only the continued 
generous support of those who care 
will help Lasell maintain the standards 
you remember and expect. Your con- 
tribution to the Annual Fund in any 
amount is essential to excellence. 


Dean Richard K. Wallen 

Dean Appointed 

Richard K. Wallen has been ap- 
pointed Dean of Administration. He 
was previously Assistant Treasurer and 
General Business Manager of St. 
George's School in Newport, RI for 15 
years. He is married, the father of 
three and a Cornell University gradu- 
ate. Lasell is pleased to welcome Mr. 

Lasell Medallions 
Awarded Annually 

Your suggestions 
essential to assist tne 

Each year the Alumnae Association 
presents Lasell Medallions to "those 
who have added distinction to the 
name of Lasell." Since 1968 these 
handsome bronze medals bearing a 
likeness of Josiah and Edward Lasell, 
have been awarded to 61 individuals. 
The Medallion Committee solicits your 
assistance in proposing candidates for 
this honor. Please send your sugges- 
tions to: Eltha Phillibert-Mayo '68, -c/o 
The Alumnae Office, Lasell Junior 
College, Newton, MA 02166. 

A Record 

Return to 

Reunion 1980: 

A Memorable Return 

Classes of 1905, 1910, 1915, 
1920, 1925, 1930, 1935, 1940, 
1945, 1950, 1955, 1960, 1965, 
1970, 1975 and 1979, this Is 
your Reunion year. Reserve 
Friday evening and all day 
Saturday, May 9 and 10, 1980 
for your return to campus. 
Enjoy the very special Re- 
union planned this year and 
bring your husband or a 
friend. Make your reserva- 
tions now at: the Marriott 
Hotel or Holiday inn, Auburn- 
dale, MA 02166; The Wellesley 
Inn, wellesley, ma 02181 or 
Howard Johnson's Motor 
Lodge, Newton, ma 02158. 
Alumnae and spouses are 
welcome to stay in the dorms 
for $5.00 per person per 
night. Watch the Winter 
Bulletin for details. 

Laden with baggage, 673 students 
arrived at Lasell in September to begin 
the academic year. Of these, 196 
were day students and 393 freshmen. 
Freshmen enrollment is up 50% since 
1975 when President Arthur M. Griffin 

Lasell Calling: 

Annual Phonathon 
a Major Event 

Approximately 35 volunteers called 
hundreds of alumnae during the 1979 
Annual Phonathon and at two mini- 
phonathons. On Monday, March 31 
and Tuesday, April 1 from 5:30-9:30 
p.m., 1980, the Lasell Phonathon will 
be held at Boston College. Food, 
wine, good company and the chance 
to call friends and classmates across 
the country, while helping Lasell, are 
the ingredients for this annual event. 
Those who joined us last year and the 
year before, are the experts in 1980 
and they say it shouldn't be missed. 
So please, every one in the Boston 
area and elsewhere, join us one of 
those evenings. If you are a Re- 
unioner, come and invite your class- 
mates to join you for Reunion. We 
need 100 volunteers this year. The 
1980 Phonathon is a major Lasell 
event. Please call or write the Alum- 
nae Office (phone: 243-2165 or 2141) 
and join us for an evening that brings 
the Lasell family together. 

Lasell Phonathon, Nanc^/ OWEN '73 

took office at Lasell. Under his direc- 
tion, Harry Adamian, Dean of Admis- 
sions, and his capable staff have made 
a major effort, with the help of the 
alumnae, to increase the visibility of 
the College and make known the 
quality of the Lasell experience. 

Class secretary 



seven classes 
still need 

A search for 64 Class Secretaries to 
help strengthen and renew the ties be- 
tween classmates and their College 
has brought excellent results. As of 
this writing only seven classes lack a 
Class Secretary. They are the classes 
of 1920, '25, '48, '53, '61, '66 
and '68. If you would like to assist 
Lasell in this capacity or wish to sug- 
gest a classmate, please write the 
Alumnae Office. Secretaries pass on 
class news for the Bulletin and help 
the College keep current with alumnae 
addresses. In the Bulletin's Class Notes 
section you will find each Class Secre- 
tary's name and address now appear- 
ing at the head of her class news. 

We are concerned that we may not 
know of individuals who have been 
Class Secretaries for many years. If 
you are one of these and not listed in 
the Notes, please write and inform us. 
To those who volunteered to serve 
their class, a hearty thank you from 




In Memory 

To Martha BEGLEY Hertel '67, a son. Robb Mc- 

Call, on May 7, 1979 

To Ann WILLIAMS Spcziale '69, a daughter. 

Cara Ann, on September 29, 1978 

To Linda CAMPBELL Seek 70, a daughter, 

Stephanie Lynn, on June 26, 1979 

To Leigh PANINI Fanuzzi 70, a daughter, 

Christina Anne, on April 3, 1979 

To Julie OLDHAM Sillon 74, a son, David, in 

April, 1979 

To Cathleen 2JAJAC Pellegrine 75. a son. 

Michncl William, on June 20. 1979 

A long nc>\.*.bi. li?ttt Mary-Florine 

THIELENS Peeples in Cti.^dij^ - We twins cele- 
brated our special birthday of 93 years young on 
May 7 with much attention from our clubs, loyal 
friends and devoted family. My daughter. Persis 
Jane PEEPLES Cline x-'36 also had a happy 
Lasell year, lives in Scarsdale. NY. has a son and 
daughter. I also had 4 sons, all served in WW. 11. 
We have kept up our Lasell friendships, return for 
reunions and write often to my special friend Mar- 
joric MacCLYMON '32. My twin. Elizabeth 
Louise THIELENS Miller lives in Hinsdale, IL 
near her son and family. She has 9 grandchildren 
and 2 greats! I am very active in clubs, still drive 
and spend every April in Washington, D.C.^for 
the Annual Congresses of the many Patriotic Soci- 
eties Travel, take pictures for my lectures, have 
just finished "Paris That I Love' and 'Famous 

Elizabeth Louise THIELENS Miller x-V6 and 
Maiy-Florine THIELENS Peeples x-V6 celebrat- 
ing their special 93rd birthday on May 7, 1979. 

Clara HUTTENBAUER Levy's son writes, 
"Mother now 93 is in fairly good health . . . very 
loyal to Lasell." 

Marion HALE Bottomley writes it was a pleas- 
ure to hear from 4 classmates. Irma LEVY Levi in 
Sarasota is having a cataract operation, is fine and 
enjoys bridge. Julia HAMILTON Peters, Great 
Falls. MT has her own apt.; her son and daughter 
take care of meals. Nell CARNEAL Drew sent 
me a calendar, which I enjoy. Margherita DIKE 
Hallberg still in CA but comes to CT often to visit 
her daughter. I am still in the nursing home, as 
need help 1 can't get at home— feel perfectly well 
but for my hip and arthritis." 

"Just had my 90th birthday," writes Margaret 
THACHER Drury. "I am well, active and forever 
thankful for my years at Lasell." 

At age 87, Alma L. BUNCH is still very active, 
"last winter a record snow kept me close to home 
—5 ft. at our front door. Spent Thanksgiving with 
a cousin in Minneapolis; a friend and 1 had a de- 
lightful Christmas in New Orleans, but on 3 of the 
4 flights I beat devastating storms by hours," 


Nell WOODWARD Collins — Secretarn 

3 Powder House Ln.. Manchester. MA 01944 


Mabel STRAKER Kimball — Secretary 

79 Carpenter St.. Foxboro. MA 02035 

The Class extends sympathy to Rose BAER 

Trexler, whose sister, Marjorie BAER Spogen 

x-'19 died in January. 

The class extends sympathy to Wilda BERKEY 
Cartland, whose husband died in March, 1979, 
after a long illness. Her address: 3700 Curry Ford 
Rd.. Apt. W-13, Orlando, FL 32806. 

The class letter that has been circulating since 
graduation continues, writes Mabel STRAKL'R 
Kimball, 22 classmates receive it 


Virginia ANDERSON Swanson — Secretary 
110 WoodRd.. Los Gatos. CA 95030 

Mildred J. GARY Hill — Secretary 
R.F.D. *5. Augmta, ME 04330 

Alice Jean TOWNSEND '41 and Louis Szyman- 
ek on November 4, 1978 in FL 
Barbara BRESETTE '44 and Rodney L. South- 
wick on May 25. 1978 

Linda D. HARRISON '69 and Lewis E. Bcnn, 
Jr., on April 20. 1979 in Sandwich, MA 
Stephanie D. NICKOLAOW '69 and Dr. Van 
Stamatios Batchis in August, 1979 in Hyannis, 

Gay HORTON '71 and Michael J. Ferrante in 
May, 1979 in Barrington, RI 
Denise C. ROBIN '71 and Laurence P Kotler on 
April 29. 1979 in Bloomfield. CT 
Rcyna Jill SCHWARTZ '71 
and Richard A. Wallsh 
in 1979 in Woodbridge. 

Christine C. CHAMBERLAIN '66 to John 
Churchill Puffer 

Laura W. HOWE '68 to David Paul Danielson 
Nancy L. WHITEHEAD '69 to Kenneth E. Hart- 

Martha A. HILL '74 to Michael Lee Thurston 
Susan R. HODAS '74 to Edward Frederick 

Virginia Ann PACE '74 to Andrew M. Hodgkin 
Candee Lee THOMAS '74 to Lawrence Nicholas 

Dolores A. GAMACHE '75 to Dr. Charles E. 

Jane Ann HOCHSTUHL '75 to 
Robert E. Jones, Jr. 
Katherine F. KILLEEN 
'75 to David F. Ashton 

%;te^*v >i^i* < m'-- ■■ .'.S«4' ■ •*•■ ■• ' «ii^ - - 'tw'*» 

and Robert 
Jon Naboicheck 
on June 10, 1979 
in West Hartford, CT 
Cynthia Ann SCALZI '72 
and Ronald Raymond Brown 
on May 12, 1979 in Stamford, CT 
Frances C. CARVER '73 and Timothy H. Mulder 
on May 20, 1979 in East Walpole, MA 
Nancy Anne CURRIVAN '73 and Martin F. Mar- 
nik, Jr. on June 17, 1979 in Foxboro, MA 
Mary Louise DUQUETTE '73 and Charles H. 
Hull on June 23, 1979 in Harwichport, MA 
Nancy A. MARKOWITZ '73 and William Ken- 
neth Schwartz on April 28, 1979 in Pittsfield, MA 
Nancy C. ALPERIN '75 and Robert J. Samores 
on April 22, 1979 in Canton, MA 
Mary Jane TOMCZAK '75 and David Risely 
Burns on May 12, 1979 in W. Quincy, MA 
Jane Christine CARRE '76 and Carl Harbuck in 
May, 1979 in Needham, MA 
Patricia Ann GOODWIN '76 and Robert E. Cain 
in June, 1979 in Rexford, NY 
Susan JONES '76 and Richard M. O'Keefe on 
May 19, 1979 

Debra J. DERDERIAN '77 and Richard Dean 
Young on May 26, 1979 in Whitinsville, MA 
Sandra L. HATHORNE '77 and Peter J. Webb in 
July, 1979 in Lexington, MA 
Deborah A. SAMRA '77 and Jay M. Kleiner on 
May 27, 1979 in Worcester, MA 
Karen J. STAPLES '77 and Geoffrey Bauer on 
June 23, 1979 

Judy M. JEPSEN '78 and Brian G. Kelly in 
June, 1979 in Auburndale, MA 
Sally Marie RILEY '78 and John Gary Gilbert on 
June 17. 1979 in Easton, CT 
Mary Ann TEMPLETON '78 and Kevin John 
Murray on June 16, 1979 in Manchester, CT 
Tracy TADDEO '79 and Christopher Steven 
Raimondi on June 23, 1979 in Ridgewood, NJ 

i wf I s!7 

Mercie V. NICHOLS — Secretary 
59 Ripley Rd.. Cohasset. MA 02025 

A summer cruise was a joint venture for Mercie 
NICHOLS and Mary ESHLEMAN Willauer, 

who left from CT. through the Cape Cod Canal to 
Boothbay Harbor, Wiscasset and Portland, ME 
and back to Martha's Vineyard and Newport, RI. 
"It was really great!" says Mercie. "I also enjoyed 
staying with Mary's son in Lyme, CT and the fun 
of going by train to Old Saybrook." Back home, 
Mercie spent the summer overseeing the painters 
redecorating her home. 

Rhonda S. 

Peter Mark Orkin 
76 to Clinton E. Baslik 
Nancy C. LOFTUS '76 to 
Jeffrey David Keast 
Jo-Ann SAYLES '76 to Mark R. Ronan 
Karen CAPIZZI '77 to Richard McCarthy 
Brooke Diane HANKEY '77 to Scott Stevens 

Laurie A. ROSSMEISL '77 to Ronald Carl Tece 
Nancy A. SILVA '77 to Paul R. Cutler 
Laurie Ann HAHN '78 to David Lloyd Greer 
Karen DUFFY '79 to Thomas Brigham 


Eloise CAREY Wadlcy is still active in music and 
Saginaw Hospital Auxiliary. "My husband died in 
1972, but our unmarried son lives with me and is 
a joy." 

"Continue my duties as Executive Secy, Man- 
chester Bd. of Realtors. We have a charming new 
office— an early 1900 home beautifully reno- 
vated. I often hear from Marion ORDWAY Cor- 
ley '11 (half-sister of Dr. Guy Winslow). She is at 
Pleasant Manor, Pleasant St., W. Rutland, VT 
05777, and she would enjoy hearing from 
friends" . . . writes Lillian G. GRANT, 22 Cam- 
bricjge St., Manchester, CT 06040, who would 
like news of Mary Elizabeth HUBBARD Wood 
and Maude TAIT Moriarty. 


Dorris BISSETT Bryant — Secretary 
130 Reservoir Rd., Wollaston, MA 02170 

Helen L. BEEDE — Assistant Secretary 
1303 16th Street West 
Bradenton, FL 33505 
also Box 96. R.D. 2 

Orleans. VT 05860 
Helen L. BEEDE has practically recovered from 
her "hip" fall. "My news is that Mrs. Jean Good- 
rich passed away. She taught piano and German 
as 1 remember. She and Harold Schwab, who also 
died recently, were both members of the music 
faculty when the Bragdon practice rooms were 
busy. At one time there were 35 possible piano 
and organ locations. The old scrapbooks show 
programs of numerous recitals— even had a class 
in 'stage deportment' before a program! We en- 
joyed seeing lots of 'old girls' when Pres. Griffin 
came to FL in February. 'We' means Miss Mac, 
Ruth Brinton & myself!" 

Lilian DOUGLASS Hccb 07 on June 5, 1979 

Lois NICHOLS Arnold 18 in Chester, NH on 

July 25, 1979 

Clara DIETZ Rosenburg '30 on June 24, 1979 

In Boston, MA 

Katherine DRAKE Howard x-'30 on August 6, 

1979 in Guilford, ME 

Geraldine WATSON Finnegan '38 on June 16, 

1979 in Bangor, ME 

Dorothy Jane STUHLBERG Kepple '41 on 

April 26, 1978 

Marilyn BABBITT Cooper '45 on April 21, 1979 

Mary JOHNSON Callahan "62 on May 1, 1979 

in Winter Haven, FL 

Erin O'BRIEN '74 on April 15, 1979 

1921 . . . continued 

"Enjoying my home in Delray Beach, FL plus 
traveling," reports Dorothy ELY Bigham. She 
was recently in Egypt and the game parks of Tan- 
zania, Africa. 

"Thank God I'm still going strong and hope to re- 
turn for my 60th reunion if not before!" writes 
Herma SCHWEITZER MacArthur. She recently 
hosted her club's flower show and was the winner 
for specimen plants with a spectacular hybrid gold 
lily reaching some 7 feet high. 

Ruth SMITH Baker: "I had expected to graduate 
from Lasell and then Wellesley, but my aunt lost 
her husband and grandfather was old and they 
needed me in NM. 1 went there, became a teller 
and enjoyed working there 4 years. Started dating 
the new bachelor pastor at church where I was a 
soloist — and returned to Auburndale to be mar- 
ried. We have had a beautiful life together, he is 
91 and I 79. Unable to have children due to a 
childhood accident, I have had 55 years of beauti- 
ful service as a minister's wife in NM and CO. We 
do everything we ever have done except climb 
mountains. I taught college students in Church 
School. We were in Denver for 8 years, then 
came to Boulder where we enjoy the University. 
We also spent 7 years at Ft. Collins. We spent 10 
years here at Frasier Meadows helping get this 
beautiful Manor started. I taught ceramics and was 
in charge of painting activities. We have enjoyed a 
trip to Europe and Mexico, Alaska and Canada as 
group leaders. Now we stay close to our apart- 
ment and enjoy the Manor residents. 1 am still in 
the choir of our First Methodist Church in Boul- 

Marjorie LOVERING Harris — Secretary 
21 Mystic Lake Dr., Arlington, MA 02174 
Margaret REID Perry of Bronxville, NY, added 
Palm Desert, CA to fier FL trips this winter and 
loved the climate. "Spent 2 weeks with Dot ELY 
Bigham '21. Have my 1st great grandson— Kyle 
Lee Housel." 

"Who said what about 'Golden Years'- and 
when? Maybe we had them, but didn't know it 
then\" Barbara SMITH Huntington sends 'fond 
greetings to all who remember me." 

Louise STEVENS Prince will be living with her 
daughter Marilyn PRINCE Karcher '49 because 
of poor health. "I'm sure I will enjoy being with her 
nice family. David & wife are living in UT." 

Adrietme SMITH Stone — Secretary 

300-53rd St., Apt. 5, W. Palm Beach, FL 


Dorothy CHASE Scott enjoys art classes at "our 

senior center — working in 'oils'". . . 420 Roses 

Mill Rd., Milford, CT 06460. 

"Bob and I spent Christmas in Indianapolis where 
I lived before I married," writes Anne 
DOUGHERTY Slater. "My sister Matilda '24 
visited from Williamsburg, VA. We were beauti- 
fully entertained by many relatives there. I hear 
often from Jean MERRICK Moss. " 

Louise WOOLLEY Morgan became a legal resi- 
dent of Sarasota, FL in July '78— a far cry from 
New England with its radio & TV career, "but en- 
joy the relaxation of this territory." 

Thf LASELL Bulletin (USPS 386 4(X)) is published quarterly at no 
charge by Lasell Junior College. Newton. MA 02166 Second- 
class postage paid at Boston. MA and additional mailing offices. 
POSTMASTER Send address changes to the LASELL Bulletin. 
Lasell Junior College. Newton. MA 02166. 

Helen B. PERRY — Secretary 
172 Porter St., Melrose, MA 02176 
Peg LONVAL Epps lives in Boston, works with 
her husband in architecture and real estate. 
Dear Classmates, 

Attending our 55th reunion were Dorothy 
BALLOU Collier, Peg LONVAL Epps, and my- 
self. Barbara CUSHING Lund '25 visited with us 
too. I was delighted to receive letters from class- 
mates who couldn't come: Fran BADGER, 
Gerry WILDER Bogart, Dot REDMAN Finch, 
Ub ANDERSON Hanna, Frances ROYCE 
Johnson. Carolyn VICARY Krider, Til 
ley, Lucille "Jumpy" NORRIS Cornish, Alice 
McCAGHEY Shuler. Bud PARKER Warren, 
Helen "Pep" SCHRODER Weldon, and Kay 
WEBB. Thank you all for your letters and con- 
tributions. Do keep in touch and best wishes to 
you all . . . Helen "Honey" PERRY. 

Catherine BEECHER Wood has happy mem- 
ories of Lasell days. "Our daughter Carolyn 
WOOD Brox '59 returned for her 20th. Ann 
DOUGLASS Wood '59, our daughter-in-law and 
family spent Easter with us. Madeline ROTH 
White '26 visited us in Daytona Beach, FL. ' 

Barbara CUSHING Lund in Carlisle, MA, has 3 
married sons all living in NH and VT, 8 grand- 
children and 2 great grandchildren. She and her 
husband are retired, but enjoy gardening — always 

"For the sake of 'long ago', my mother Caroline 
5. Saunders, was Director of Lasell's distinguished 
Dept. of Home Ec, for 13 yccirs," writes Mary 
SAUNDERS Houston. She has joined Camden's 
widows group. 

Dorothy/ ASELTINE Wadsworth — Secretary 
7 Cabot St., Winchester, MA 01890 

Madeline ROTH White — Secretary 
4533 Grandview Dr.. Peoria, IL 61614 
Dorothy ASELTINE Wadsworth: "In addition to 
my other Winchester activities, 1 have been voted 
a Board Member of the Historical Society and the 
Historical Commission. 1 enjoy them very much." 

"1 rode in a Pace Arrow Motor Home with my 
son Kendall Wesley and wife Peg, to Seattle. We 
had all the accommodations needed," says Ber- 
nicc CUNNINGHAM Smith. They had gourmet 
cooking all the way. "We photographed snow in 
Yellowstone Park Sept. 10th (very beautiful). Ate 
at top of 'Needle' in Seattle & ferried to San 
Francisco at dusk — saw the lights come on from 
the harbor. A spectacular trip!" 

Helen DUNCAN Devereux took a fantastic trip to 
China by ship from Japan, through the Inland Sea 
to Peking, Great Wall, Forbidden City, Ming 
Tombs, etc.; then to Shanghai, Canton, ending in 
Hong Kong. "Our cruise was delightful. An exten- 
sion to Manila, Singapore, Bali and Bangkok was 
interesting but exhausting! Was never so glad to 
get back to beloved Hawaii!" 

"Minerva DAMON Ludwig '27 had a delightful 
reunion luncheon this summer," reports Betty 
OPPEL Morris, "so if any of you '26s and '27s 
ears were burning one hot day in July, you'll 
know the reason why!" They agreed that neither 
changed much the last half century. "Still have a 
part time job and enjoy my grandchildren & great 
grandson. Best to all of you!" 

Madeleine ROTH White: "We get back to New 
England every summer to see our son and family 
now living in NH. I was disappointed my grand- 
daughter chose Mt. Vernon in Washington in- 
stead of Lasell, but she is doing well and going for 
4 years." 

"I'm 'private' counselling upset people, while try- 
ing to remain right-side-up myself! Looking for- 
ward to the 55th in 1981." writes Charlotte 
RUSSELL Pellini from Providence RI 


Rosalie BRIGHTMAN Rosen — Secretary 

2 Hammond Pond Pkway, Chestnut Hill, MA 


"Keep busy in this charming Bay Area where I 
have lived for 20 years," writes Minerva DAMON 
Ludewig, "still golf, since high school days— and a 
few intellectual pursuits like World Affairs Council 
and Commonwealth Club, and much travel. I am 
anxious to do a good trip to China— anybody for 
China with me?" 750 Gonzalez Dr., San Fran- 
cisco, CA 94132. 

While on a trip to FL last November, Ruth HUT- 
TON had a happy visit in Vero Beach with Marie 
DIBELL Redfield and Kay TUFTS Wiese. 

Greetings from Mary KEIM Tietzc, 35 Broadview 
Terr., Chatham, NJ 07928. 

Rosanna McCONNELL Wallis from Harrisburg, 
PA writes, "We are proud of 12 grandchildren, 
one granddaughter is in medical school, another 
in law school. A grandson is on the Dean's List at 
GA Tech— in engineering." 

"Always regretted not having remained in Made- 
moiselle's French class, because 1 felt inadequately 
prepared, " writes Madeleine ROBINHALL Lein- 
back. "Believing it is never too late, I enrolled in 
French at Gettysburg College and now in the 2nd 

1927 . . . continued 

A. Katheryn ROYCE attended the New England 
Dietitians Assoc, meeting in Boston. "I hope 1 
meet a fellow dietitian from Lasell there," she 


Lillian G. BETHEL — Secretory 
577 South St., m, Waltham, MA 02154 
A note from Evelyn DOUGLASS Hooper reads, 
"Attended alumnae meeting in St. Petersburg, FL 
as we now live there in winter. Also had a great 
time at 50th with my roommates, Helen COLE 
and Dolly GOODWIN. We live on Cape Cod 
where my husband still practices (cardiology) . My 
3 children all married, 5 grandchildren ages 9 mo. 
to 17 yrs. 1 keep very busy with golf, bowling, 
bridge, arts & crafts and family. Lasell still a 
cherished memory. Hi to Lil BETHEL." 

Kathryn FORGEY writes: "I'm going to FL for 
my annual month's visit April 23rd. Time is short 
and we have to live it up a little while we can! Not 
much news from this Indiana town. Everybody is 
watching so much basketball that it is coming out 
of our ears." 

Helen HEAD MacFarland lost her husband, G. 
Irving, July 7, 1978. The sympathy of the class is 
extended. Address: 11 Oxford, St., Sanford, ME 

Sympathy is also extended to Caroline Hopkins 
McLEAN Marshall whose husband Harold, 
retired president of the Kendall Co., passed away 
in December 1978. 

Bemice KENT Ennis: "Sure enjoyed seeing and 
being with some of the giris at the 50fh in May 

The Class extends sympathy to Elizabeth STAHL 
Mott, whose husband Ronald died in July 1978. 
Elizabeth writes, "Busy as a bird dog, playing 
bridge, working for my church and taking dancing 
lessons (believe it or not). A trip to Honolulu to 
visit my sister and family at holiday time gave me a 
wonderful lift. 1 love Dallas, and intend to con- 
tinue to make it my home." 


Alice PRATT Brown — Secretary 
193 Crest Rd., Middlebury, CT 06762 

The class extends sympathy to Barbara 
GOODELL Trott whose husband died March 28, 
1979, on their 42nd wedding anniversary. Bar- 
bara attended Reunion, she is a retired counselor 
and teacher with a M.A. from B.U., living in 

50th Reunioners and older classes dined at the 
home of President and Mrs. Arthur Griffin. 


Jeanette GESSNER Somers — Secretary 
2 Beachwood Dr., North Haven, CT 06473 
Kathryn DOW Mathes plans to "be at my 50th 
reunion next year. Received a nice note from 
Jeanette GESSNER Somers." 

From New Orleans Clare HIGHTOWER Moore 

writes she hopes to attend the 50th reunion. 

1930 . . . continued 

The Class extends sympathy to Helen 
ROBERTS Holt whose husband, Reginald, died 
suddenly in June 1979 ... 8 Watering Lane, 
Daricn, CT 06820. 

The class extends sympathy to Frances SMITH 
Miller whose husband died on December 2, 
1978. Frances plans to stay on in her home— Rt. 
3, Box 20-8, Lake Placid, FL 33852. 

Janice WHITTAKER Sandberg: "Busy with 
family, friends and volunteer work at Strawberry 
Banke (historic preservation in Portsmouth, NH) 
and Odyssey House (treatment program for abus- 
ed and difficult children). My oldest son's 3rd 
novel was just published. My other son,a law stu- 
dent, married and has 2 little girls." 


Lenna LYON Hill — Secretary 
2849 Wiltshire Ten, Port St. Lucie, FL 33452 
From Elizabeth BEAR DeStacbler: "Enjoyed a 
delightful luncheon at Deerfield Beach with 5 
members of the Class of '31 there and also an 
enlightening talk by Lasell's president. Also en- 
joyed meeting Board Members who were present. 
Our daughter, Deborah DeSTAEBLER Mac- 
Gowan '65, her husband and older daughters (6 
& 8) visited Tequesta from Halifax in April." 

Betty CONDIT Kessel much enjoyed the Lasell j 
Club meeting in February at Deerfield Beach, FL. 
"The highlight was meeting our fine president andj 
his wife and enjoying his splendid talk— and to se« 
Harriet COLE Lewis after 48 years! Here's to our~ 
get-together in 1981!" 

Ruth Lola GALUSHA Bartley writes, "Am very 
happy in my 'return to New England*. It is great to 
live with my true chemistry. Am a widow with one 
son; he is a History Professor at U.WI. Am doing 
some research in Genealogy associated history. 
Anyone interested in this line — would be glad to 
hear from you." ... 55 State St., Montpelier, VT 

"After a heart attack 3 years ago, I moved to 
Toms River, NJ," writes Marion E. JOHNSON. 
"I live in a retirement village — Cedar Glen 

Marjorie KELLER Mayer attended a pot luck 
supper at the home of Patricia KALDER Crone 
(Buffalo Lasell Club President) and Lasell June 
Luncheon at Buffalo Country Club. 

"Enjoyed a visit from my big sister Jeanette 
GESSNER Somers '30 visiting her daughter in 
FL" . . . Lenna LYON Hill, 2849 Wiltshire Ter., 
Port St. Lucie. 

Virginia RILEY Richardson: "Enjoying my 
grandchildren — Elizabeth, a freshman at nearby 
Wheaton, and Peter establishing his own farm in 
VT. Attended 1929 high school 50th, that 2/3 of 
the class attended. Hope to see our '31 class do 
the same!" 

"My daughter. Donna, completed a practical 
nurse's course with high honors, to my delight," 
writes Eunice STACK O'Connor. Her two grand- 
sons {10 and 9) are a joy. "No trips this year as 1 

struggle with inl'lation." 

Gertrude HOOPER Ring — Secretary 
Box 146, So. Freeport, ME 04078 

Julia C. CASE — Assistant Secretary 
Rt. 156, Nottingham, NH 03290 

Katharine HARTMAN Macy — Assistant Secre- 

240 Jennings Rd., Cold Spring Harbor, NY 

Ann LITCHFIELD Jackson and her husband 
from Arlington headed to Montego Bay, Jamaica 
to celebrate their wedding anniversary. 

Barbara STANLEY Ulrich says, "Yes, 1 am 
thankful to have been at Lasell. Regret the dis- 
tance between FL and MA. However, Pompano 
Beach really is delightful all year. Blessings to all." 

Ruth STAFFORD Clark — Secretary 
31 Fairview St.. Simsbury, CT 06070 
Edna GOODRICH Pottinger: "In spite of mas- 
tectomy in February '78 plus chemotherapy, 
cobalt, etc., managed to spend some pleasant 
weeks at Long Lake and Kennebunkport, ME, 
and a couple of weeks in Hawaii last fall . . . tor- 
rential rains, flooding, even an earthquake. It was 
good to get back!" 

"Jack and I moved to a mobile home," writes 
Millicent THOMSON Hammer. "We are enjoy- 
ing life here. I'd love to hear from anyone in the 
area." . . . Oakwood Estates— 4408 Limewood 
St., Winter Haven, FL 33880, Tel. 813-293- 


Mabelle HICKOX Camp — Secretary 

166 Middlebury Rd., Watertown, CT 06795 

Carol Ann MOREHOUSE Jones — Assistant 


108 Brynwood Dr., Easton, PA 18042 

"At Lasell for our 45th Reunion were Ada May 
BARTLETT Degree, Bettina COOK Kalbach, 
Marjorie JONES Hopkins and Mabelle HICK- 
COX Camp. Bettina & Mabelle brought their hus- 
bands and Ada May's joined us after lunch. I, 
Mabell, found myself appointed class representa- 
tive. Bettina, from Altadena, CA, was back to 
Lasell for the 1st time in 45 years. Her husband 
flies his own plane and she has taken lessons. 
They enjoy their boat and the West Coast. Bettina 
and husband were going to VA to visit her twin, 
Louise, before returning to CA. Marjorie, enthusi- 
astic as ever, does flower anangements from a CT 
shore inn. She visited her grandchild in MA after 
Reunion. Ada May is still a career girl with a Hart- 
ford insurance company. 1 planned to retire in Ju- 
ly from my secretarial position with a pediatrician, 
but due to a broken wrist took 'early retirement.' 
We have a grandchild and visit our daughter and 
family in CO annually. We missed all you girls 
who didn't join us. Marjorie JONES Hopkins 
holds the record for attending all our reunions. 
Let's have a good turnout in 1984." 



Cindy KING Haskins — Secretary 
59 Trumbull St., Meriden, CT 06450 
Writes Gertrude HEATH Kehoe, "Still work at 
Paul Revere Ins., Worcester. John and 1 spend 
time between homes in Meredith, NH and 
Shrewsbury, as well as visit our daughter & grand- 
daughter in Franklin, NH. This summer we'll go to 
Seal Beach, CA to visit our other daughter & 
grandsons. Next year 1 retire and will have needed 
leisure time." 

Doris JONES Flagg continues on as organist at 
the Congregational Church, Manchester, VT. 

Last summer Josie MOORE Alexanderson had a 
great visit with Lydia BARNES Smith on her 

island in ME. "My husband retired from American 
Cyanamid in May and we will return to Sharon, 
CT. MY 3 children are married, and have 3 
grandchildren, plus one due." 

Kay PECK Dietler: "We criticize the U.S. mail, 
however, due to their mistake of delivering my 
next door neighbor's 'Lasell News' to me, I dis- 
covered Mildred P. MACCUTCHEON Truslow 
'24. She lived next door for 5 years, but we didn't 
know of otir common bond. Went to a DAR ban- 
quet in Orange, CT with my daughter, only to be 
seated next to Ruth UPHAM Pettremont '36. 
Puff SELBY Guerry and husband Joe visited in 
March — it's taken me 30 years to get my room- 
mate down here. We're making plans for our 45th 
reunion in '80. Ann O'BRIEN Ryan and 'Dune' 
also visited in December '77." 

"Still in Charlotte, NC but spend much time at 
our summer home at Grandfather Golf & Country 
Club near Linvillc, NC. Our oldest daughter lives 
here with our granddaughter 'Liz' (17). Second 
daughter is in Trumbull, CT with husband and son 
'Drew' (2). Son Ned lives in Atlanta, GA. My 
best to any 'old timers'." 

1935 . . . continued 

"Enjoyed seeing Gertrude MORRIS MacCallum 

often in FL last winter," writes Eleanor RAMS- 
DELL Stauffer. "She and Ian have a lovely con- 
dominium in Boca Raton close to us in Highland 
Beach. She entertained Adelaide SHAFFER 
Van Winkle '36, and Charlie and I for dinner— a 
really fun evening! Also visited with Jeanne 
KECK '36, Jean PEASE (Woodland Park), and 
Tap' TARDIVEL Higgins at the Lasell Club 

Happy 1978 news for SaUy SWANSON Dahl- 
berg was the cunrivai of granddaughter Kristina 
Lynn— mother Susan DAHLBERG Tobiasson 

Mabel SWIFT Morse sends greetings from 
Chicago. "My husband and I have only the 
youngest of eleven at home. We have 13 grand- 
children, mostly in this area." 



Marjorie BASSETT MacMillan — Secretary 
101 W. Marland Ct. 
Nakomis, FL 33555 

A note from Selma AMDUR Heringman tells us 
she has 4 grandchildren, 2 in New York, 1 in Ger- 
many, 1 in CA. "Tommie" is chairman of a Resi- 
dential Treatment Center for Girls 15-21 yrs.— 
"interesting, depressing, busy." 515 Homewood 
Rd.. Los Angeles. CA 90049. 

Hildegarde BAXTER Perkins: "In May 1978 at 
tended a Rotary International Convention in 
Tokyo. We visited Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, 
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and 
Japan, flying 29,981 miles. In Tokyo we were 
entertained by a famous microscopic surgeon and 
his wife (a pediatrician) . They honored us in their 
home (most unusual) with a tea ceremony and a 
true Japanese home-style dinner as well as an 
evening at the doctor's private club where 2 
geishas entertained us and we had raw fish." Bili 
tells us, "In March Ray and 1 spent 2 weeks in 
Brunswick, GA, Savannah. Charleston, and 
Beaufort. SC. Spent 2 days photographing the 
old restored section of Savannah. In Charleston 
we toured the Navy and Air Force Bases, boated 
ciround Charleston Harbor, and visited Middleton 
Plantation. Camellias beautiful." . . . 3541 Sea 
View St., Sarasota, FL. 

"Still working 12 hrs. a day in our hardware store 
in Tucker, GA," writes Virginia HALL Warren. 
"Hope to retire in a few years at our FL condo. My 
sister Charlotte HALL Kelly '42 and husband 
John have a condo upstairs." 

Emily HUBBEL Weiss: "Our last child of 5, Bon- 
nie, married in March to James Gauvin. Emily 
married William McClung in 1977. Star (our 
eldest) married Russell Fuoco, lives on Madra 
Island. B.C. with Holly (2) who was a flowergirl 
for Bonnie. Son, Rod a minister (Presbyterian), 
married all of his sisters. He, Nancy and Polly (1) 
live in Washington, PA. Eldest son, John, and 
Heather are in Ithaca where he is a Professor of 
European History with a Harvard PhD. 

Gerry is partially retired, we've been traveling. 
All the kids were at our house for the wedding 
with a dog and 4 cats for a week ... a great time! 
Missed seeing Bili BAXTER Perkins and Ray in 
February. 1 enjoy being Associate Editor of our 
White Plains Woman's Club magazine. Recently 
we printed a poem by Rae SALISBURY Rich- 
ards '37. Rae and 1 see each other often. Still try- 
ing to attend a meeting of our new Westchester 
Lasell Club." 

Virginia JOHNSTON Loud again spent the 
winter in Tucson. "With the gasoline problem, 
haven't decided whether we were wise or foolish 
to buy a motor home. It is great for crossing the 

Greetings from Arlene KERR Sonnabend. 

"Our 2nd grandchild Seth, was born last year," 
writes Dorothy PAINE Chaucer. "Thoughts of 
retirement to Mystic. CT becoming a reality in not 

too distant future Best wishes t" ail!" 

Louise TARDIVEL Higgins — Secretary) 
873 Walton Heath Way, Mashpee, MA 02649 
Dorothy ABBOTT Atherton: "My husband was 
drilling a well for a client and mentioned the town 
where Miriam GOFF (Goofy) lived. He said his 
sister-in-law corresponds with her, I got her ad- 
dress and wrote — 42 years and finally reached my 
roommate — hope to keep in touch." 

"1 still work— for a couple more years, hopefully! 
Helped celebrate my mother's 85th birthday last 
summer. She's a remarkable lady — still active and 
keeps her own apartment." . . . Eleanor COLE 

"Recently moved to a condominium and enjoy 
it," writes Jane ELDRIDGE Meaney. "Went to 
FL for a brief Feb. vacation and chatted with Babs 
BURNHAM Rice there. She is busy in retire- 
ment. Another grandson, born last year to daugh- 
ter Carol. I still work and, believe it or not, still en- 
joy it." 

Helen FLINT Moody: "Off to England for over 3 
weeks visiting friends and sightseeing. On our re- 
turn to Melrose, our CA son, daughter-in-law and 
grandson will be here to camp with us at Baxter 
State Park in ME." 

The Class extends sympathy to Priscilla GREIG 
Linnell whose husband Frank passed away Sept. 
8, 1977. Priscilla writes: "1 have moved from 
Auburn, ME to Seminole, FL in the winter and 

Sebasco Estates, ME in summer. Thanksgiving 1 
spent in Ft. Lauderdale, had dinner with Connie 
PETERSON Sloane x-'53 and her family. Dined 
with Corinne GOSWEILER Ross, also had din- 
ner with Jean PRATT Sanborn. Jean asked if 
there is a Clearwater Lasell Club? New address: 
8080 112th St. N., Seminole, FL 33542." 

Janet OWENS DeArment sends regards, hope 
to get to Boston and sec the "new Lasell." 

Frances WOODRUFF Saunders writes, "All 
plans are subject to change — we are retiring to NC 
instead of to ME: milder winters, longer garden 
season and wonderful fishing." Mildred Street, 
Oriental, NC 28571. 

Louisa CLARK Harrington — Secretari; 
399 Lexington St., Waltham, MA 02154 

Unexpectedly ' Jean MICHAEL Peterson could 
not attend Reunion. "Our son, Wayne, is an orni- 
thologist; daughter Andrea an equestrienne, and 
the 'roommate' an Accounting Prof, at Babspn, 
recently retired colonel, Army Reserves. 1 still find 
nutrition fascinating, and the combination of yoga 
and TM make each day better than the one be- 

Betty WALLACE White: "We've returned to MA 
after being in England for 7 interesting years. 
Harold is V.P. & Genl. Mgr. of the Organic Grind- 


Arlene WISHART Sylvester — Secretary 
81 Woodland Rd., Newton, MA 02166 
Virginia ALLEN Hartwell is happy to be back in 
New England. "I teach 4 yr. olds mornings in Lit- 
tle White Duck Nursery School, Warcham. Travel 
locally with my husband, with 'Puppets for Jesus' 
in our spare time. We spent a week in Quito, 
Ecuador. Just returned from a week in OH with 
my daughter, her husband and 2 grandchildren (8 
mos. and 2 yrs.). 

"Still in Kuwait," writes M. Adele BROWN. "We 

have new company— Alghanim International 
Corp. and have just moved into our offices. It is 
fun setting up a new business, etc. Hoping to have 
a small village house in Cyprus for vacations. Still 
hanging in and hope to remain in Kuwait for a few 
more years! Best wishes to all my classmates. Per- 
haps 1 can make our 50th!! If anyone here, please 
give me a call (O) 550111; (H) 511017." P.O. 
Box 58, Safat, Kuwait. 

Barbara JEPPESEN Thomann visited with 
Fratices STEPHAN Howells and Bob in FL this 
winter. They talked about Reunion 1983 and 
hope to attend. 

"Moved from Marco Island, built a lovely home in 
Ocala at the Golden Hills Turf and Golf Club," 
writes Trithena McFARLAND Argo, "this is 
quite different from tropical southern FL and 
again enjoy the change of seasons. Doris CON- 
NINGTON Bryant and her husband have also 
moved here and are in the throes of building their 
home. We do miss the closeness of water and 
fishing, but the Island was becoming a miniature 
Miami Beach. Now in horse country, we lay 
proud claim to NEEDLES and AFFIRMED. We 'all 
have fond memories of Lasell days— far ago as 
they were!" 

Regards from Alice M. SEIDLER who reports 
"things just fine. All the best." 

Audrey SLAWSON Drake visited Arlene 
WISHART Sylvester recently in Newton. Audrey 
works part-time in a boutique and loves it. She 
reports that Evelyn BANG has retired and moved 
to Westwood Lane, Greenport, NY 11944. Betty 
LLOYD Fitch returned from England and is off 
again, this time to Russia. 

Writes Arlene WISHART Sylvester, "Took a trip 
through the Panama Canal from Los Angeles on 
the Queen Elizabeth 2. Visited Tap' Higgins '37 
at Ft. Lauderdale on our way home." 

ing Wheel Div., Norton Co., Worcester. We are 
home in Harvard. It is fun to be closer to our 4 
grandchildren, and now perhaps I can attend my 
41st Lasell reunion!" 

Priscilla SLEEPER Sterling — Secretary 

246 Ocean Palm Dr., Flagler Beach, FL 32036 

also: So. Dorset, VT 05263 

Frances BRITTON Holden, Doylestown, OH: 

"Our 1st grandson Nicholas (5 months) spent last 

Christmas with us. His father Dick is an Industrial 

Arts teacher, Hampton,. VA-" 

The class extends sympathy to Pat KIESER, 
Toledo, OH, whose mother died January 4th fol- 
lowing a massive stroke. 

Selling imported knitwear to top NYC department 
stores is Susan RIDLEY. 


Virginia DE NYSE — Secretary 

6 Midland Gardens, Bronxville. NY 10708 

Ginny BLACK Belong '41 and family. 

Ann BUDDE Fischer, Plainfield, NJ: "I've joined 
grandparents club! Tyler James Fisher was born 
January 1 in Manhattan Beach, CA. They live 
near Jean BOHACKET Pcgram." 

Family news from Susan CAIROL Peck, Fair- 
field, CT: "Daughter Susan moved to Glens Falls, 
NY, with husband and son Chris. Esther married 
Rick Bobowick in October and Patty graduated 

1941 . . . continued 

from Central CT State in December. Husband Bill 
has taken up skeet shooting and I am a volunteer 
for a local historical survey." 

"Mary DOIG Nicholson is in San Francisco, CA 
visiting her daughter Jane. I vacationed in 
Charlestown and Hilton Head, NC." . . . Virginia 
DcNYSE, 6 Midland Gardens, Bronxville, NY 

Louise LORION DeVries: "My husband and I, 
married 37 years, moved to Leisure World, Seal 
Beach, CA in 1978, and thoroughly enjoy golf, 
swimming, billiards in a lovely parklike setting. We 
both work. I am coordinating teacher at The Child 
Study Center, Long Beach City College, for 7 
years. My Lasell education is still paying off! We 
have 9 grandchildren and spent Christmas in 
Costa Rica with our youngest son and his family. 
Especially enjoy our Lasell luncheons." 

In the spring Norma FORSBERG Burman and 
Warren of Solon, OH traveled to Europe. "We 
went 4 years ago and wanted to see more. Last 
year we went to San Diego, Los Angeles and San 

Janet LOWE Kammire: 'Two daughters live in 
N. Conway, NH, where as a Lasell student I 
visited on ski trips. Russell's Ski Lodge where we 
stayed is still there. Never would have believed in 
'41 that 1 would have 2 daughters living within a 
mile of those fond memories." 

"I attended a Lasell luncheon in St. Petersburg, 
FL, in February and saw Trudi ROYCE 
Johnson," writes Marie MacGREGOR Wood- 
ward, Box 44 Cardigan, P.E. Island, Canada. 
"Best wishes to my classmates and Miss Mac." 
Marie and Walter, now retired, live 6 months in 
PEI and 6 months in FL. 

Phyllis NICOLSON Keller: "Best wishes to all. 
Now 49 years old. Could it be that I graduated at 

Volunteering in the Alumnae Office is Shirley 
RAMSDELL Harrington of nearby Needham 
Heights. Shirley and Fred, a testman for New 
England Telephone, have 4 sons, 7 grandchil- 

"Just back from skiing at Sugarloaf Mt. , ME, man- 
aged to have dinner with my son, a sophomore at 
Colby College. Had a call from Barbara SCHILF 
Fomier '40 (now living in Mexico) and expect her 
for a visit. My sister Dottie ULRICH Eagleson '40 
lives nearby so we get together and talk about the 
'old days' at Lasell!" . . . Marjorie ULRICH Mc- 
Laughlin, Sudbury. 

The class extends sympathy to Ellen VISSCHER 

Taft whose husband William died in May follow- 
ing a heart attack. William, a Yale graduate, was 
Mayor of Mountain Lakes, N.J. 

T. Arax ZULALIAN Johnian: "Finally moved out 
of Boston!! To Waltham (near Lasell). Steven (19) 
at General Motors Inst., Flint, Ml; Carol is a 
school librarian. Carrell and 1 are trying to age 



Afary Ann FISHER Espy — Secretary 

239 Maple Ave., New Martinsville, W VA 


Dorothy MOSHOi Stone — Secretary 
Box 354, Waquoit, MA 02536 
Marjorie ALLYN Merrill: "We still enjoy Dallas 
having moved here from CT. My husband has 
changed jobs, now with the local gas facility, after 
30 years with what was Chance Vought Aircraft. 
Both sons are CPA's, one here and one in 
Houston, neither married." 

"I still work as bookkeeper for Howard Johnson's 
Outdoor Advertising and coach Girls' Church 
League YMCA basketball. Daughter Linda in 
Dallas, TX as store manager for Target. Son 
Ronald teaches in Weymouth. His Matthew bom 
1977— my only grandson. What a thrill! Daughter 
Judy, Japanese major at U. Mass taught English 
to executives in Tokyo for a year, met a Japanese 
fellow whom she married in 1977. They live in 
Manchester, NH, where she is K-Mart District 
Manager for ME, NH and VT. My son John works 
and daughter Jackie a high schooler is still at 
home, active in the band and sports." . . . Marion 
BEERS Jamieson, E. Weymouth. 

From KA, Ruth "Ricky" BOWLEND Eckhoff 

writes: "1 was re-elected to 3rd term as Register of 
Probate, Caroll County. We moved into a new 
building— the year's highlight. Our youngest, 
Peter, is a sophomore at Kansas State. Our oldest 
daughter. Tiffany, and family live in Manhattan, 

Fail, 1979 
Vol. XVI!. No. 1 

Editor: Laura P. Bernard 
Composition: Foster-Bush Studio 
Design & Layout: Myrna Kustin, 

Shop 73 
Printing: Harwich Lithograph 

The Lasell Bulletin is published quarter- 
ly by Lasell Junior College, Newton, 
Massachusetts 02166, Lasell Junior Col- 
lege is non-discriminatory with regard to 
race, color, national and ethnic origin. 

Second-Class postage paid at Boston, 

1 942 . . . continued 

KA. as her husband is a plant pathologist at KSU. 
Can it be possible that grauddaughter Sally is 17 
and will be going to college soon?" 

Doris BRACHER Jenkins: "Ten years working in 
local hospital!! Can't believe it. Each daughter has 
presented us with a beautiful granddaugther. 
Such joys! We are certainly blessed." 

Shirley EGGLEFIELD Royal, Warm Mineral 
Springs, FL: "Sorry I missed the February lun- 
cheon but we were in France. In April, 1978, my 
husband and 1 spent a month in Iran visiting 
daughter Lacy Schless who taught Iranian soldiers 
English. Fortunately Lacy is back home and now 
on her way to CA to teach Saudi Arabians 
English. We've been busy traveling to promote my 
husband's book. The Man Who Rode Sharks, 
published by Dodd Mead." 

Jean FERRELL Howe and her husband of 
Watcrville, ME, feel fortunate their 5 grandchil- 
dren live in nearby Portland. "We also enjoy our 
winter camp at Sugarloaf ," she writes, "and many 
visitors and friends there." 

"John and I enjoyed a winter hiatus on Mar- 
tinique, truly a beautiful island. My sister Virginia 
HALL Warren '36 and I have condos in Destin, 
FL." . . . Charlotte HALL Kelly, 18495 Dolores, 
Lathrup Village, MI 48076. 

,<\rline KREIDER Roberts: "My 4 children scat- 
tered on both coasts. Two boys in CA, 1 in RI, 
and daughter in FL. So I stay in the middle. Keep 
busy with Red Cross and serve on Chamber of 
^Commerce Board. For fun play lots of golf, 
bridge. Haven't been East since '73. Hope to 
spend this Xmas in RI." Arlinc is at 235 Edwards, 
Blackwell, OK 74631. 

Martha PANGBORN Seidensticker and Herb, 
at Combustion Engineering, Stamford, CT, 
bought a place at Quail Ridge, Delray Beach, FL. 
Their children are Bruce, a teacher in VT; Nancy, 
Bucknell graduate working for Arthur Andersen in 
NY; Bradley who will be a father soon, and Gary, 
who works locally and lives at home (New Ca- 
naan, CT). 

"Greetings all! I miss my friends, and would love 
learning more about our class." . . . Ruth 
ROUGHGARDEN Frank, 331 Lincoln Ave., 
Glen Rock, NJ 07452. 

Mary LEDBETTER Bastean — Secretary 
12501 Tavlorcrest. Houston. TX 77024 
Ruth DAVENPORT Walker and Jim who re- 
cently retired, sold their Norwood home and mov- 
ed to their second home in Centre Barnstead, 
NH. Winter address is 37 Pine Arbor Lane, *203, 
Vista Royale, Vero Beach, FL 32960. Daughter 
Kathy (22) plans to marry in October. "Have lost 
contact with some Lasell friends," Ruth writes. 
"Would love to hear from them. Last year on our 
way south we stayed in Orange, CT, with Ruth 
UPHAM Petremont '36 and her family, had a 
marvelous reunion. Ruth told me Helen BEEDE 
is in Bradenton (FL) and Miss 'Mac' in Sarasota 
(FL). I hope to contact them." 

"Hope to get there in '81," writes Mary FRANK- 
LIN Woods, Cape Elizabeth, ME. 

Now a Floridian, Betty GORTON Collier is "set- 
tling into Orlando, beginning to do volunteer 
work. 1 do public speaking for the police informing 
senior citizens about crime prevention. Enjoyed a 
good visit with 'Mac'." 

PrisciUa HOUGHTON: "Love living here (Clare- 
mont, NH) with my view of the mountain! Spent 
last summer in CA (gardenias outside my window 
and fresh apricots!! Heaven!). Kept an eye on 2 
teenagers while their parents in Europe. Much 
fun! Also at Georgian Bay, Ontario, with my 
Canadian family." 

Elaine KEMP Johnson of Indianapolis is personal 
secretary to the Reporter, Supreme Court, IN and 
"every 4 years embroiled in politics and re-elec- 
tion. Three grandchildren under 5 keep us young. 
Rarely get East but think of beautiful New England 
often. Three trips to Europe in past 5 years, and 
look forward to the Panama Canal in January. It's 
a great life!" 

"Was fortunate to spend 2 weeks in China last De- 
cember when diplomatic relations were estab- 
lished. Our group was the Women's Institute in 
Houston (TX). I am currently serving as the 
group's president. It was a fabulous experience!" 
. . . Mary LEDBETTER Bastean. 

Evelyn NURKIEWICZ Nicholas and Calvin of 
Babylon, NY, look forward to grandparenthood 
this winter. "My husband is still Team Internist 
with the N.Y. Jets; my daughter is in the Jet front 
office. Youngest son is with Buffalo Bills front of- 
fice and oldest son a lawyer. Everyone is great!" 

Enjoying her second season as Ladies' Golf Chair- 
man at Bald Peak Colony Club is Betty 
SCHMIDT Morrill, Ossipee, NH. 

"Retired and living on a cattle ranch with apple, 
apricot and cherry orchards since Thanksgiving, 
1978. John was formerly in retail business. This is 
all new and lovely for us— we're having fun!" . . . 
Christine TURNBULL Jensen. 

Jean CAMPBELL — Secretary 

84 Laurel St.. Falrhaven. MA 02719 

1944 . . . continued 

Elfreda BECK Dubin: "Oldest daughter Jackie 
DUBIN Foster '69 lives in MI. Has son Stuart 
(2V2). Robert' graduated from Ripon— in business 
with his father. Sarita, a senior at Grinnell, spent a 
term at Middlebury in foreign languages. We ski 
and travel when we ceui." 

Naomi LEDERMAN Grossman — Secretary 
1501 Beacon St.. Apt. 1905. Brookline. MA 

Barbara BIRNBAUM Green: "It was a good 
winter for cross-country skiing in OH. We're keep- 
ing young with tennis and golf, too. Favorite past- 
time my art classes. Daughter Cindi graduated 
from my 2nd alma mater— U. So. CA and lives in 
La Jolla— a great place to visit!" . 

"The 35th Reunion Committee— Rina EVAN- 
GELISTI. Chairman, Bernie COYNE Boon, Pris 
ROBBINS Stahl, and Marge BEEBE Dill has 

been gathering ideas, a definite decision is that 
husbands, beaus and other are encouraged to join 
us. Our 30th wouldn't have been the same with- 
out Jake, Dick, George, Doug, Dave, Calvin and 
Harold. Let's have a record attendance May 10 
and 11, 1980, and we'll do our best to make it 
worth the trip. A questionnaire, schedule, and our 
own information will be mailed in February from 
Lasell. Please make your arrangements for hotel 
or dorm accommodations. Any ideas will be wel- 
come. Please notify Lasell of any address changes 
so that no classmates will miss the Reunion invita- 
tion." . . . Rina, P.O. Box 334, Bantam, CT 

"We have 3 children married (1 granddaughter), 
3 studying at Purdue and 1 single, in Denver. 
Tennis, golf and sailing fill our lonely moments." 
. . . Jean HENRY Goggins, Michigan City, IN. 

Elaine MacDONALD Aldrich, Wyckoff, NJ: 
"Art retired last November and we thoroughly en- 
joy our extra time together. He does some teach- 
ing at a local college. Two of our 4 children are 
married and we will be grandparents soon!" 

Marilyn BLODGETT Hall — Secretary 
60 Ledgelawn Ave.. Lexington. MA 02173 

Class of '46 get-together: 1st row — Joar\ HAN- 
SON Blake. Helen RICHTER Hanson and Lynn 
BLODGETT Hall. 2nd row - Anne BLAKE 
Perkins, Ginny TERHUNE Hersom, Muriel ROSS 
Benshimol and Phyl PAIGE Downes. 

Marilyn "Lynn" BLODGETT Hall reports their 
youngest daughter's marriage to a hometown lad 
(Lexington) in April. "Sherm and I went on a 
cruise over Easter," she writes, "and upon our re- 
turn our oldest daughter presented us with grand- 
daughter *2— Sarah Catherine Place. Happiness 
seems to be a way of life for the Halls of late!!" 

Elizabeth "Bctts" KENDALL Hunter: "Just re- 
turned from 2 graduations in CO. Son Kendall 
cum laude B.A. in Political Economy, CO Col- 
lege. He'll attend U. of MI Institute of Public 
Policy. Nancy is Mesa College grad with A. A. in 
Graphic Communications, working in Boulder. 
Son Chris in high school." 

"My father died on October 30 after a long 
courageous struggle . Mother in her Sarasota (FL) 
condo doing remarkably well. Jim still travels to 
Europe or Japan every other month. I went to 
Japan with him last September, most exciting. We 
attended a Tupperware International meeting in 
Hong Kong — a beautiful harbor city with moun- 
tains, islands and ocean everywhere. We came 
home via Hawaii. Brad married Michelle Kazak on 
Thanksgiving weekend, both are with the Navy in 
Norfolk. Jim III was here Christmas, he will be 
satellite manager for sales and manufacturing, 
E.R. Carpenter Co. Andy still sells for Polysar 
Packaging in Orlando. Paul is at Abraham Bald- 
win Agricultural College in GA." . . . Lynn 
LERCH Swett, 104 Variety Tree Circle, Alta- 
monte Spring, FL 32701. 

Lennie LOBL Hootstein: "The most unathletic 
person in the class is now a tennis bum. Never 
knew there was a 'tiger' in me! Our 'baby' boy just 
graduated college. Our daughter married last year 
and luckily lives close to Newton in downtown 
Boston. We summer on Cape Cod. Life has been 
good. As a Lasell gal I am most grateful." 

"My 2nd daughter Dorie married last November, 
and I'm grandma to a precious little girl born to 
our oldest daughter." . . . Mary Jane MAGNUS- 
SON, Megroz, Larchmont, NY. 


1946 . . . continued 

Patricia O'NEIL Messmorc, Concord, writes 
about '78, a great year: "Both our daughters 
graduated from college. Ginny from U. Mass., 
Amherst; Kathy from B.C. June to October last 
year basked in the sun following successful aorta 
surgery. Don hopes to retire or change jobs in 
February. Kathy is a R.N. at Mass. General. Gin- 
ny is helping me with real estate." 

Valerie PERTSCH Bartholomew is Director of 
Edison Mall, largest enclosed mall in Southwest 
FL. "All 3 children are in Ft. Myers area," she 
writes. "Bruce married and in real estate. Brian 
runs his own restaurant and Bambi will be at FL 
State this fall." 

"How fortunate can we be, gaining 2 daughters in 
less than a year!" muses Carolyn STUART 
Scantlebury, Erie, PA. Son Stuart, a manager 
with Arthur Anderson Co., D.C., will marry Lecia 
Ann Turcotte this fall. 

"Are there any Lasellites in SC?" asks B.J. 
WELTNER Canine. "We like living here and are 
fortunate to have both our sons living and working 
here, too." B.J. is at 232 Park Shore W., Colum- 
bia, SC 29204. 


Lois KENYON Brush — Secretary 
Box 210, N. Windham, CT 06256 

Gloria SYLVIA Paolella.-- Secretary 
100 Prescott Ave., White Plains. NY 10605 
Nancy CARTER Salois, Lauderhill, FL, plans to 
make the 35th reunion in '82. "Divorced since 
'66, I'm a waitress at The Ding Ho Chinese 
Restaurant in Plantation, FL," she writes. "My 
daughter Michelle (25) is a secretary /bookkeeper 
for a construction equipment firm. Son Ted (20) a 
Navy photographer in Naples, Italy. Jeannie (16) 
is a high schooler." 

"Living in Mystic (CT) 25 years. Hobby miniature 
furniture has grown into a small commercial busi- 
ness. Oliver is Secretary and Assistant Treasurer, 
Mystic Seaport Museum. Children William, 
Deborah and David are all through college!" . . . 
Nancy CHESEBROUGH Dcnison. 

Greetings from Jean FITZGERALD Fitzpatrick, 

33 Granaston Lane, Darien, CT 06820. 

Penn State graduate Betsy FREW worked at Alt- 
man's and is now a piece good buyer. 

Marcia KESSELI Allen: "I am the librarian at 
Catholic Medical Center Health Science Library in 
Manchester (NH) and love the work." 

Joan LAMBERT Laffin: "Real excited— sold my 
home and bought 3-bedroom condo in Delmar, 
NY. Two graduations this year: Lynn from Union 
with B.S. and Jim from SUNY/Binghampton 
with M.A. in geology. Richard is at U.MN and 
youngest at SUNY/Binghampton." 

Marion MACK Andrews '47 talks with President 

Congratulations to Nancy PURSEL Tupper nam- 
ed manager of Previews Inc.'s New Canaan, CT, 
real estate office. Nancy attended the U. Conn, 
and the Graduate Realtors Institute. She is pro- 
gram chairman for the Women's Council of Real- 
tors in Fairfield County and at the CT state level. 

1947 . . . continued 

"Two weddings 6 weeks apart (May and June) 
kept me busy. Then completely free of responsi- 
bility, so they say," writes Barbara VERCHOT 
Pierpont, Wenham. Richard, Jr., married Bonnie 
McLellan in North Conway, NH and Jo-Ann mar- 
ried Jeffrey Hay ward in Topsfield. Barbara, a 
medical secretary for a Beverly neurologist was 
divorced in 1975. 


Sophia CRAMER Stewart's daughter Joan is a 
sophomore at Mt. Holyoke. 

"Sure hope to come East in October for 3 weeks 
to 'antique' — DC lO's and gas supply being equal 
to the chore. Love living in CA (Los Osos), but do 
miss New England!" . . . Michelle "Mike" 

The class extends sympathy to Julia JENSEN 
Bergkamp whose sister Jane JENSEN Bailey 

'34 died in January. 

Family news from Frances LEE Osborne, 

Alamo, CA includes Elizabeth graduating from 
U.C. /Berkeley; Paul, an art major at San Diego 
State, and Steve, a high school junior. 

Congratulations to Catharine LOCHIATTO 

Rich, cum laude graduate of the North Shore 
Community College Nursing Program in 1978! 
Kay, twice a grandmother now works at Mass. 

Lois McLUCAS Martin, Doylstown, PA: "Had a 
great trip to Alaska in '78. Also a wonderful trip to 
Greece in November last year." 

"Best wishes to all alumnae," from Norma 
NOYES Bouchard, Hoyt Rd., Pound Ridge, NY 

"Wonder where the time has gone— we can't be 
getting that much older? Tried to write Mabel 
EDE Kwok in Hong Kong, but perhaps it went 
astray. Also had a letter returned for Irma LIP- 
SITT Wolf and Beulah KWOK Sung. 1 hear from 
Martha MILLER Willett, we promise to try to get 
together— she lives in Brooklyn, NY. I'm still at 
Lord & Taylor's in Ridgewood (NJ)— The Fashion 
Center and see Bubble DAVENPORT Wcrde- 
man occasionally; she looks great. My one ambi- 
tion is 'to See Our New Lasell' and I'm looking 
ahead to Reunion '83. Well, gang, I'll vow to be 
there — the Good Lord willing! Have a great year, 
if you're ever in NJ, call 391-3675 or look me up. 
Thanks to Marty KENNEDY Ingersoll for her 
nice note. Best to all. Fondly," Doris 'Tref 
TREFNY landoli, 265 Vitmar Place, Park Ridge, 
NJ 07656 

Nancy LAWSON Donahue — Secretary 
52 Belmont Ave.. Lowell. MA 01852 

Kay POORE Hamel — Secretary 

63 Stony Brook La., Princeton. NJ 08540 

The class extends sympathy to Ann KENDALL 
Baldacci whose husband Guy died in October, 

"Sorry to miss Reunion,"" writes Audrey MIT- 
CHELL McKibben. "Our daughter Heather was 
injured on a motorcycle in AZ, had to be moved 
on a stretcher to Boston, so my attention was 

Virginia TOWE Beck: "We are proud grand- 
parents of twin girls. I hope they will attend Lasell 
as my twins did! We enjoy a summer home at 
Mantoloking Dunes, NJ, and — the door is always 
open. Sorry to have missed the 30th. Lehigh won 
that one since it was my husband's 30th." Virginia 
is at 339 Parkside Rd., Hanrington Park, NJ 

Marguerite NAHIGAN Sarkisian — Secretary 
256 South Ave.. Weston. MA 02193 

Nancy BEAN Lord — Secretary 
41 Bouteville Rd., Bangor. ME 04401 
Nancy BEAN Lord's recent trip to England was 
highlighted by "a week in London where our son, 
Peter, stationed in Germany, joined us. He'd 
grown an inch and a moustache since we'd seen 
him. I'm leisurely winding up a college degree." 
Nancy is at 41 Boutclle Rd., Bangor, ME 04401. 

After 11 years Jean DAVIES Stanley is "still in 
Scituate— the longest we've lived anywhere! 
Oldest, David (26), finished college, is in D.C. 
Mark (24) just graduated from U of CO, is at 
home. Youngest, Jon (20) a sophomore at Ply- 
mouth State (NH)." 

Claire DODGE Davis: "Our daughter Jill gradu- 
ated cum laude from Bay Path Jr. College, is a 
Medical Assistant in NJ. Jeff, an avid varsity golfer 
will attend Methodist College (NC) in Business 
Administration and plans to continue golfing 
there." Claire is at 63 Summit Trail, Sparta, NJ 

"Love to see arty classmates on the Cape," writes 
Dorothy GOEHRING Rourke who summers in 
E. Orleans, winters at 161 Richmond Ave., Wor- 
cester, MA 01602. Family news includes sons 
Jonathan and Bill receiving M.A.'s, and Andrea, 
in 4th grade. 

1950 . . . continued 

Joan HAHN Fern: "My eldest son Chris (27) 
happily meuried; Cindy, a junior at Bowling Green 
(OH); my youngest. Jamie, in high school. My 
husband is President and Director of Limbach Na- 
tional Construction Co. We've been in Pittsburgh 
for 17 years." 

"Made 2 trips to my favorite city. London, last 
year. Still play golf, trying to break 100. Lunched 
with Dotty MILLS Gracf while East for the holi- 
days ' Janice McGOUGHRAN, San Fran- 

Back East at 1372 Outlook Dr. . Mountainside, NJ 
07092, after a short stay in CA, is Joan 
ROBILOTTO Gibson. "Jay is a VP with Reefer 
Express Lines Margil, a Kent State (OH) senior in 
early childhood education intends to go to grad 
school; Susie is a sophomore at Rl School of De- 
sign; John, freshman at Union Catholic Boys' 
School is considering law." 

Judith ST. JOHN Peterson: "We have left Mex 
ico and now live at 9920 SW 71 Ave., Miami, FL 
33156. Don joined GE's Latin American Head- 
quarters April 1 in Coral Gables." 

The Class extends sympathy to Joan WALLACE 
Billings of Sherborn. whose daughter Lisa died in 
May, 3 days prior to her graduation at U Mass. 


Libbie FLEET Gla2er — Secretary 
94 Fairfield St.. Lowell. MA 01851 

"'Retired' for awhile from advertising. Daughter 
Beth married in April. 1978. Son Ed working, liv- 
ing at home. My husband and 1 camp with our 
trailer when we can. A wonderful get together 
with Janet WYMAN Meade in summer '76. 
Great to see the family. Best to all." Betty 
BAUMBACH Hyne. 25 Grand Haven Dr.. Com- 
mack, NY 11725. 

Susan BAKER Chase and Gordon operate 8 
Hickory Fcirms Specialty Food Stores in Albany/ 
Saratoga Springs. NY area in addition to a Fair 
and Show Division covering the Northeast. "Man- 
age to travel." she writes, "and spend time at Mar- 
tha's Vineyard. Our oldest, Rob. an NYU gradu- 
ate, lives in NYC. works in cinema and screen- 
writing. Brad is a junior at Nichols College in Busi- 
ness Administration and Laurie lives at a Re- 
habilitation Center for the mentally handicapped 
in the Catskills. 1 keep in touch with many Lasell 
friends and look forward to our 30th Reunion." 

Libbie FLEET Glazer '51 and children Gary, Mar- 
jorie and Ruth. 

Celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with 3 
weeks in Israel were Libbie FLEET Glazer and 
Melvin of Lowell. Son Hugh Babson '77 is a CPA 
in Brookline. Ruth a senior in Business Com- 
munications at Ithaca College (NY) . 

Now living in Geneva. IL, Geraldine GRIFFIN 
Thompson has 2 daughters in college. 

From Tulsa, OK, Charlotte KELLEV Campbell 

writes, "Recently returned to Boston for 25th re- 
union of Forsyth, dental hygiene school I attended 
after Lasell. While there I visited Joan 'Jo' 
MONAHAN Garrity " 

Barbara "Boots" KEYES MacKinnon has re- 
turned to the business world after 15 years. "I am 
now a Gym Technician at Modem Women Figure 
Salon. Remember all you alumnae who overeat: 
'A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.'" 

"Working at Yale for the past 4 years. My oldest, 
Cindy, is married, and the youngest, Lisa, gradu- 
ated from U. Rl in May." . . . Isabell STANLEY 

1951 . . . continued 

Apologies to Joan WILLIAMS Arnold who wrote 
to set the record straight. "Picture of my children 
in the winter bulletin indicated 1 was the mother of 
3 sons! Beg your pardon— the oldest is a hand- 
some boy and the other 2 are beautiful giris, who 
are both star basketball players at our local high 
school here in Waterville (ME)." 

Janet WYMAN Meade: "Still active in clubs and 
social service agencies and sing in church choir. 
We've started cross country skiing and I'm a tennis 
beginner. Son Jim (20) is taking a year off from 
Bucknell and Bill (19) is a freshman at Brown. 
Carl and 1 celebrated our 25th anniversary with a 
CA trip. I'm always pleased to see the number of 
Longmeadow residents ^it l.osell 


Jean Aslaksen Podimsky — Sccri-t^nv 

36 Highland. Chatham. NJ 07928 

News from Jean ASLAKSEN Podimsky of 

Chatham includes daughter Carolyn's marriage 

and Barbara's graduation from Hood College, 

MD. Her 3rd daughter works for a pediatrician 

and John (17) is college hunting. 

"Would like to see more news from '52. Let's see 
some college spirit," writes Marjorie DYER 
Coburn, of Overlook Park, KA. "We raise worms 
for ecology, are building a log cabin on a KA lake 
site, traveling East and abroad occasionally." 

Louise EASTON Morris, Robbinsville. NJ: 
"John and I will be married 25 years in July. He's 
President of Nassau Broadcasting. We have 4 
children— 23 to 12. Keeps me busy!" 

From Phyllis GLEASON Riley. Chula Vista, CA 
comes a newsy note: "Christmas note from Joan 
ROBERTS Limmer in Arcadia, CA. Her son 
Chuck was Pepperdine U. '77 and is married. 
Daughter Susan a college freshman in recreation. 
Marty THOMAS Hasak and Rudy now at 634 
Pointsettia Rd., Belleair, FL 33516, where Rudy 
is President of a new division of Bic. She has a 
married daughter— the class baby! My daughter 
Lynn graduated from Loma Linda U.. CA, in 
nursing. Son Wayne is at Humboldt State, CA. 
Merry MacLEAN Suzan and Frank live nearby 
with children Mitch and Beth. We see them 

"Son David will be at Proctor Academy this fall. 
Daughter Susan has been accepted in Liberal Arts 
at B.U. We spent our winter vacation in Puerto 
Rico." . . . Nancy MARCUS Golden, Braintree. 

Marilyn "Lynn" PECK Erickson: "Our oldest, 
Andy, just completed his 1st year at Hobart Col- 
lege where he joined Delta Chi Fraternity. Cindy 
is a high school senior and Laurie a 6th grader 
here in Wilbraham." 

A new address for Joan Lee STILLWELL Smith 

Fairchild: 8544 N. 58th PI., Paradise Valley, AZ 

Muriel WEBB Moyer and Don are back in VA 
after many years of travel in the U.S. and Japan. 
"Don is retired from the Navy, now a naval 
engineer with a private firm. Susan at Lehigh U. 
Donald and David in high school. Enjoy the life in 
VA." Address is 3907 Chanel Rd., Annandale, 
VA 22003 

Priscilla ALDEN MacDonald: "A big hello from 
Cheshire, CT. Doesn't seem possible David and I 
have been married 8 years. Sorry to have missed 
Reunion. One daughter a high school graduate 
and working, Susan is a high school junior making 
Honors and working hard. Mark (16) runs track 
and is in band with his sister. 1 still serve lunch at 
the high school. I enjoy the kids." 

"Keeping busy with 3 teenagers— Bill (19), Katie 
(17), and Joe (14)— and their activities as well as 
enjoying skiing and tennis. Spend a lot of time in 
W. Dennis, Cape Cod. Would like to hear of Dot- 
ti BRINKMAN " . . Mary BLACKHAM Kelly, 
3 Randolph St., Belmont, MA 02178. 

Mary Louise BURKE Alexander and family 
"moved from Ponca City (OK) after 24 years. My 
husband is now Asst. Director, Dept. of Agri- 
culture, Animal Husbandry Div., Oklahoma City. 
We live just north of there, miss Ponca City, but 
like our new job and home. If any classmates are 
the area, please call." The Alexanders are at 2609 
Bent Trail, Edmond, OK 73034. 



Shirley GIBBONS San Soucie has moved to 
Martha's Vineyard (Vineyard Haven). "Doing 
dietary work at the local hospital arid part-time at 
Black Dog Bakery, baking and coordinating cake 
and cookie production. In my spare time I have 
become a tupperware dealer." 

"I have joined Design 5, Norwalk. CT, a firm pro- 
viding complete commercial interior design serv- 
ices. I recently completed 2 years of study at U. 
Conn, in this field." . . . Elinor JOHNSON 

Helen PEARLSTEIN Golden '53 with Lisa (21), 
Nina (19) and Lynne (16). 

"We continue to be very busy with our 4 girls — 
basketball. Softball, soccer, carpooling, sleepovers 
and parties put us in the norm! I'll be trying to do a 
competent job as V.P. of the Medfield Garden 
Club ' . . . Beverly THORNTON Hallowell. 

Audrey THOMPSON Riellc: "Oldest daughter 
Nancy completed a year at Middlebury College— 
her father's alma mater. Peter (17) is at Ridge- 
wood (NJ) High active in sports, Sally (14) is in 
9th grade. See Bunny COATS Strycski often. 
Jane CORBIN Post visited my parents and we 
had a good chat. Still remember our 25th Re- 
union — a great time. Hi to all!" 

Virginia WILDER Melitz writes that daughter 
Anne (high school '80) may be the family's 4th 
generation at Lasell! Virginia received a B.A. from 
CA State U., Northridge, in 1977. 

"Enjoyed my 25th Reunion— wish more of Car- 
penter had been there. We all look better now 
than in '53!" . . . Lois WILKES Morrison, Pitts- 


Corinne COYLE Lydem — Secretary 
7 Fitzpatrick Rd., Ansonia, CT 06401 
Josephine ANGOTTI Gould has founded the 
Morgantown (WV) Orchid Society. Jo has a col- 
lection of more than 400 orchids and recently ex- 
hibited at a Pittsburgh (PA) show. She and Henry, 
Professor of Mathematics at WV U., edit and cir- 
culate the society's newsletter. 

Carolyn Ann BRUNS is now Assistant Manager 
at the Colony Club, NYC. 

Featured in the April issue of Instructor Magazine 
was Dot DAY Bardarson of Alaska. For a month 
Dot was Artist in Residence at Point Hope, 125 
miles north of the Arctic Circle, where she taught 
printmaking to 135 Eskimo students in a program 
sponsored by the Alaska State Council on the 
Arts. Dot endured weather down to 30 below! 

Ruth BIRCH Bastis — Secretary 

4776 Farmers Rd., Honolulu, HI 96816 

Susan TWICHELL Nelson — Secretary 
25 Westford Rd., Concord. MA 01742 
Marlene BERMAN Lewis: "It's been a busy year 
with our oldest daughter Hope graduating from 
Choate Rosemary Hall (CT) and getting settled at 
Lehigh U. in PA. (It seems like yesterday I entered 
Lasell.) Marlene PORTNEY Frishcr came to visit 
with her husband Dave for my son's recent Bar 
Mitzvah. She looks great as does Norma 
SHRIER Lipson whom I see regularly since she 
has moved to Weston." 

"Life certainly can change!" notes Mimi CHOL 
Cooper, Cincinnati, OH. "Single again after 23 
years, finishing 1st year of 3 as a student nurse. 
Will graduate at 46! To be a grandmother in June, 
by son Chip." 

1955 . . . continued 

Priscilla FENTON Abercrombic: "Janet (20) in 
college, Steve a high school senior and Nancy a 
sophomore. 1 am part-time receptionist/secretary 
for a small manufacturing firm. Jack is Controller 
for Xerox Medical Systems, President of Pony/ 
Colt Baseball and Church Treasurer here in Ar- 
cadia, CA." 

"Still working at NBC. Looking forward to our 
25th Reunion next year," writes Gigi HAROLD, 
Hartsdale, NY. Do hope to see Sally SPICER 
Frazier there." (If you know Sally's current ad- 
dress, please contact the Alumnae Office.) 

Ann HEYMAN is Assistant Manager. Banker's 
Trust, NYC. 

A real estate agent for J.W. Riker, Barrington, Rl 
is Eleanor LASKY Lapides. Daughter Jane 
graduated Wheaton '78 and works in Boston; 
Bob, '79 graduate of B.C. and Marjorie entering 
U. Rl this fall. 

"1 want all my classmates to know that after loss of 
my husband, I have happily married Roy Barto, 
whom I've known for 18 years. We have 7 chil- 
dren altogether and 2 grandchildren." . . . Valerie 
MONTANEZ Barto, 108 Lakeshore Dr., N. 
Palm Beach, FL 33408. 

Lucinda NOLIN Johnson, South Yarmouth: "In 
February visited my parents in Sarasota, FL. Took 
my oldest niece Juliette Ahern daughter of Linda 
NOLIN Ahern. Plan a trip to Charlotte, NC end- 
ing up at a medical convention. Still a student at 
Salve Regina (Rl) working on my B.S. in nursing. ^ 
Also continue part-time work as R.N. If any of you 
get to the Cape please call me (398-2893) -all 
are welcome at the Cape Cod Lasell Club." 

Now at B.U. Sue THOMAS Wiard is studying for 
a B.A. in geography. She plans to teach. 

"My husband Joe bought a business in Rye, NH— 
so we'll be up there soon. Just horses, dogs and 
us now. Lee (19) lives and works in Boston. Pete 
(17) out in MI, a junior. Beautiful kids." . . . Mary 
Jane TIDMAN Calkins, Hanover, MA. 

Barbara TRAVIS Hendrick, Georges Mills, NH, 
reports that daughter Holly, UNH '78, was meir- 
ried last December in New London (NH) to G. 
Lyle Hunnicutt, Jr. 

Nancy SMITH Marchese — Secretary 

10677 Spoede View Ct., Creve Coeur, MO 


Beverly BREED Hovey's daughter Cynthia is 

Lasell '79. 

"I'm busy doing temporary office work!" writes - 
Marguerite CRAMER Cain, Stoughton. Bruce 
and Paula are in high school and David is at FL 
Southern College. 

Joan CONLEY Eid's oldest, Sharon, will be at 
Skidmore this fall. Richard (15) is in high school. 

"We are starting our 3rd year in the Baltimore 
area and enjoy it thoroughly. Jerry is General 
Manager, Mid-Atlantic States, Continental Can' 
Co. We have a beautiful home in hunt country. 
Lots of traveling and 2 children keeps us busy plus 
all the activities this part of the country offers." . . . 
Gail "Frankie" FRANK Wells, 13402 Blythenia 
Rd., Phoenix, MD 21131. 

Sally HERMAN DeRosa, Milford, CT: "Our 
oldest, Betsy, Lasell '79 is continuing at Western 
CT in medical technology. She had a wonderful 2 
years af Lasell. I've enjoyed visiting the school and 
many fun trips in the area." 

Living in "Marvelous Marin" is Elaine MONT-, 
GOMERY Farwell whose daughter Andrea 
(13V2) loves to visit grandparents in MA. Elaine is 
at 23 Vcndola Dr. , San Rafael— V2 hour from San 
Francisco. "Come to visit," she invites. 

"Would love to hear from old friends," writes Bar- 
bara MURDOCK Woods who is "enjoying life on 
Cape Cod." Four sons are now 17, 16, 13 and 8! 
Address: 65 Captain's Walk, N. Chatham, MA 

"Our family is Pat (15), Don (13), Kate (9), and 
Amy (7). We bought a summer home in Bay 
Head. NJ, and enjoy the shore. Norm and I 
chartered a sailboat in March and sailed the Virgin 
Islands with another couple. Would love to hear 
from old friends and classmates." . . . Carolyn 
SCHERER Butler, 49 Cleveland Rd., Caldwell, 
NJ 07006 


Ada WHITEMORE Suydam — Secretary 
35 Carey Rd.. Needham. MA 02192 
Ann BIDWELL Sanborn: "Still in Rochester 
(NH) with our 3 children. Chan is Claims Man- 
ager, Kendall Insurance. 1 am librarian for Spauld- 
ing High where 1 keep my eyes out for prospective 
Lasellites. Oldest daughter Tracy is a Phillips Ex- 
eter junior active in sports and student council. 
Scott is a sophomore at Spaulding active in sports, 
student council and the academic society. Our 
youngest is an 8th grader at Rochester School ac- 
tive in athletics, music and honor society." 

Eileen CONRADI bought her first home in Arl- 
ingjon last year. "Enjoying fixing it up, but not the 
expense!" she writes. "Still working in human 
services/criminal justice field as Probation Officer, 
Superior Court of MA. Saw Carol BRAUN 
Wissert and Judy SMITH Smith over the holi- 
days and recently spoke to Elaine KORTZ Brul- 
port. All is well with them." 

"Our daughter Christie is starting Wellesley. I still 
volunteer at Hartford Hospital, play tennis and 
care for our active family. Spent time on Nan- 
tucket this summer. Looking forward to our 
25th." . . . Joan DESHEFY Patenaude, Glaston- 
bury, CT. 

A new address for Muriel HAGERTHY Meyer: 

20 Meadowview Dr., Brookfield, CT 06804. 

Caroline KILLAM Moller. and her family, 
Weston, CT, "love the outdoors." "Our whole 
family have become avid cross-country skiers, 
vacationing at Stowe, VT for past 2 winters and 
skied the Trapp Family Trails. Ten-speed cyclists 
during spring, summer and fall!" 

Best wishes in her new real estate venture to 
Sheila MILLER Cohen who is 1 of 3 new owner- 
partners of Rutledge Gallery of Homes. 

"Our 4 children all growing much too fast. Karin a 
sophomore at NU, Anne and Dan in high school, 
Karyl a 2nd grader. Peter with Honeywell, travels 
a lot, the fun is I sometimes go too! Enjoying a 
course for women at Harvard." . . . Evelyn 
SANDERS Brewster, Hudson. 

Edith "Lucky" SUSSMAN Wilson, Weston: 
"Widowed 3 years ago. Remarried — now have 4 
children: Peter (19) and Jennifer (17) Hill and 
Lauren (18) and Scott (15) Wilson. Lauren enters 
Lasell in the fall." 

Betty ANDERSON Fairchild — Secretary 
5 Grennan Rd.. W. Hartford, CT 06107 
Jeanne BRADNER Spackey writes: "Am in my 
2nd year as only female insurance agent in our 
Toledo (OH) branch. Happy to see so m.any op- 
portunities opening for women and grateful for 
mine! Had to sell Corvette in 74 but am working 
my way back. Figure one of these days I'll be the 
only grandma driving a Vet. It takes time. Hi to 
the Gardnerites!!" 

Penny CARLSON O'Brien of N. Scituate, has 
joined Vin Doyle Realtors as a member of the 
sales staff. A golfer and tennis player, Penny is 
also active in Channel 2 Auction and Girl Scouts. 
Penny and Jim, a sales rep, are parents of Kevin 
(14) and Tracy (11). 

"Own the Village Stitchery in Danvers, with a 
partner for past 5 years. Harvie is at Colby, Randy 
stents Northeastern and Jeff starts kindergarten." 
. . . Nancy CINCOTTI Emmons, Topsfield. 

Bctte HAMBRO Burnes, histologist at Win- 
chester Hospital and Dave, designer with Stone & 
Webster, are parents of Don (16) and Sue (14). 
They live in Woburn. 

News of a move to San Jose, CA, from Jan 
McPHERSON Prctto. "Bill retired from the 
Army after 20 years and is with GTE/Sylvania. 
We spent a few days with roommate Nancy 
MALONEY Coyle and her fantastic family before 
coming out." Address: 1259 Chrismara Ct., San 
Jose, CA 95120. 

1958 . . . continued 

Roxanne MILLER Socolow, Chappaqua, NY: 
"Firstborn son John will be a freshman at U. of 

"My husband and I enjoy our new home we 
helped design," writes Susan RAPAPORT Paul, 
Bangor, ME. Stephen (18) is freshman at U. ME 
and Sharyn (15) a sophomore at Bangor High. 

Carolyn REID Towne, Winslow, ME: "Enjoyed a 
family trip to Disney world last April. All into skiing 
and tennis this year." 

Marsha SINGER Marshall: "Steven (19) at 
Northeastern, Sharon (17) is a nurse's aide, wants 
to be a nurse. Debra (15) on gymnastics team. 
Dick now a private pilot instructor — still sr. 
engineer at Raytheon. I'm busy with Hadassah 
and selling Avon. Ran into Sandy WILSON 
Joyce at a meeting." 


Carole COHEN Wexler, Larchmont, NY. 'had 
the 'liberated life' early— then married and had 2 
boys, now 4 and 8." 

"Where have the years gone?" asks Carlene 
HINTLIAN Newell. "We have a boy (11) and a 
girl (8) keeping us busy. 1 see Louise RUMA Ivers 
occasionally. Joan CONRADI McLaughlin and 
my son are the best of buddies. We see each other 
often. Talked with Brenda DENNISON Geers 
when we were in CA, she is busy with growing 


Faith E. BOWKER — Secretary 

5 Pondview Ave., N. Scituate, MA 02055 

Son of Marcia AKER Morgan '60 -Robert (21 

Marcia AKER Morgan enjoys "our latest addi- 
tion, Robert, born in '77. Our others are P.J. (15), 
a freshman in Prep School, Marcy (12), a 6th 
grader, and Hollis (8V2), a 3rd grader. We had a 
lovely visit from Sandy CONZEN Stefany and 
her husband last year while they vacationed in CA 
from their OH home. Also ran into Jean 
HANSEN Myerhoffer at an AAU swim meet. 
They live in CA. Heard at Christmas from Carol 
VINCENT Cook of their move to Ft. Myers, FL. 
They have beautiful children— 2 girls and 2 boys." 

Children of Barbara BOGERT Wahlberg '60- 
Susan, Andrew and Daisy. 

Barbara BOGERT Wahlberg: "Happily raising a 
girl (10) and a boy (5). Find time to be the presi- 
dent of my Women's Club and sing with a trio. 
Love to hear news!" 

1960 .. . continued 

"1 was married in November, 1978, to John Mc- 
Cormick and became the fulltime mother of 5 
sons and a daughter— ages 15-9! Still attempting 
to find time for my interior design work!" . . . Joan 

Marsha FROMMER Crowley looks forward to 
"seeing everyone at our 20th Reunion next year." 
She'll be coming from Darnerstown, MD. 

Congratulations to Sandra KAPLAN Richman of 

Encino, CA, who has added merchandising 
responsibilities to her current position of D.M.M. 
at Bullock's Department Stores, a Division of 
Federated Department Stores. 

Back in school at the CT School of Interior De- 
sign, Marilyn MACKINNON-Smith is president 
of the American Society of Interior Designers/ 
Student Chapter. Before embarking on her new 
career, Marilyn was at Vogue Magazine and was 
press and public relations director for the Hartford 

Vivien MILLER Spertner: "It's hard to believe 19 
years have passed so quickly. Jimmy and I live in 
Newton with Kim (14) and David (12). We often 
see Stan and Barbara SOLOV Cohen in Fram- 
ihgham with sons Michael and Andy. Also play 
bridge with our neighbors Arnie and Beverly 
BAER Fine who have 2 lovely daughters, Amy 
and Cindy, both in high school." 

Barbara RAHNER Reese: "Tom and our two 
sons. Tommy (8) and Glenn (5) will leave In- 
donesia after 7V2 years, we loved every minute 
overseas, especially in this exciting country. Tom 
heads USAID's Health and Population Program. 
I've had lots of opportunity to travel and every 
once in awhile I write articles about the outer 
island people of this diverse land. Tommy and 
Glenn are in the International School— well run, 
with children from many countries. Next year in 
Egypt or D C Best wishes to all from Converse " 

Carolyn BIRD Murray: "Had fun winter week- 
end reunion with Judy Sylvia KAMIENSKI, 
Sharon HANDLEY House, and Donna SKILL- 
INGS Kessler here in ME. A bit noisy with 12 
children (5-17), but lots of fun despite confusion." 

A career change for Alexandra ENGELHARDT 

Tomes who has turned from French teacher into 
Volunteer Coordinator. "An enjoyable change," 
she writes, "coordinating activities for 80-bed 
American Care Center in Cedar Rapids, lA. Also 
Forest has pilot's license and I hope to have mine 
by vacation time. Will make traveling fun!" 

Busy with Eric (6) and Jonathan (3), Marie 
HALACHIK Nunes also teaches full-time in the 
Secretarial Dept., SUNY/Cobleskill. "I would 
really enjoy hearing from old Lasell friends," she 
says. Marie's address: 12 Prospect St., Cobleskill, 
NY 12043. 

Connie HOFBERG Ford: "Still in Mt. Laurel 
(NJ). Keep busy as Cub Scout den mother, 
Library Board of Trustees President and 2nd Lt. 
for First Aid Squad. Richard enjoys being 'gentle- 
man farmer'." Connie and Richard are parents of 
Cindy (14) and Jon (10). 

"Our recent move from GA to IL has me back in 
school to once again receive a Real Estate Agent's 
License as there is no reciprocity between the 
states. I hope to resume working soon." . . . 
Phyllis MILANO Coliano. 

Sandra MUELLER Sandberg: "Kristen and Kim 
became young women 'overnight'! Both are typi- 
cal, topical, healthy, happy, and busy academical- 
ly and otherwise. Have a wonderful job in en- 
vironmental analytical chemistry. Still in touch 
with many classmates — they write and I intend 

With the NY Blood Center, Is avid skier— Ginger 

1961 . . . continued 

Ann PORCARO Mucera keeps in touch with 
Phyllis MILANO Coliano, recently saw Susan 
SCOTT Page, and "would love to hear from 
classmates in the Boston area." Ann and Tony, 
V.P., Dave's Motor Transportation, are parent's 
of John (13) , Anne (11) and Susan (9) . Ann is ac- 
tive in the Lynnfield P.T.A. and Parent-Super- 
intendent's Council and Friends of the Lynnfield 
Library. The family enjoys downhill skiing and 
summers at Rockport. They are at 12 Olde Towne 
Rd., Lynnfield 01940. 

"Would love to see friends who get to So. CA," 
writes Rona RUDERMAN Goldstein. Rona, her 
husband, managing partner in law firm Buchaltee, 
Nemer, Fields, Chrystie and Younger, and chil- 
dren 14 and 11 live at 13317 West Cove Dr., Los 
Angeles, CA 90049. Call (213) 472-2956. 

Geraldine WEIDMAN Wight: "Enjoying life in 
Canada. As Treasurer of Regional Multiple 
Sclerosis Society, I not only keep books, but count 
and cut carnations in the cooler of a beer store for 
annual national fund raising Carnation Day." 

Congratulations to Judith YOULDER Herbert of 

Conway, who was chosen NH Candidate for Out- 
standing Young Woman of the Year in America in 
1978. Daughter Can-ie (15) is the "light of my life" 

she writes 


Lmda RESNICK Baer — Secretary 
9 Columbine Dr., Nashua, NH 03060 

The class extends sympathy to the family of Mary 
Stewart JOHNSON Callahan who died of 
cancer in May. She is survived by her husband 
Joseph and 4 children— Barbara, Joseph, 
Michael and Aaron. 

Congratulations to Marcia MADDEN who is re- 
cipient of a fellowship to the Florence Heller 
Graduate School at Brandeis. She will be working 
on a M.A. in Human Services Management. 

Karen MANDEL Marschall, Franklin Lakes, NJ: 
"Spent Memorial weekend in Foxboro at Carol 
RESNICK Russell's house with my husband Tom 
and children Scott (9V2), Nicole (6V2). Also in 
touch with Dianne DROZEK Sommer and 
Diane NAPOLI Hall. " 

"Girls growing fast— Susan (13) and Nancy (11). 
This summer at Lake Hopationy horseback riding 
and soccer." . . . Dec ORBEN Campbell, 

Chatham, NJ. 

Karin SKOOGLUND Bartow — Secretarv 

48 Sohier St., Cohasset, MA 02025 

Ruth DUNN Souza thoroughly enjoys work as 
teacher/director of Mt. Vernon Pre-School, 
Toano, VA. 

Sarah HIRST Zvonkovi is Personnel Assistant at 
Revere Corp. Wallingford, CT. 

"Life stays busy with 3 sons— Robert (12), Joe 
(91/2), James (4)! All enjoy hockey, skiing, Little 
League, etc. We are redoing an 1870 Victorian, 
and John is a busy attorney, so there's never a 
dull moment." . . . Joan HOSMER Griffith, 
Nashua, NH. 

Polly LAVIN Fontana, Barre, VT: "Spent sum- 
mer '78 touring Spain. Love bullfights! Still Ad- 
ministrative Assistant, VT Dept. of Agriculture. 
Does anyone know whereabouts of Carole 
BONADIES? Would love to hear from her." 

"Would appreciate hearing from classmates living 
on the North Shore since 1 have lost touch," writes 
Mary McDERMOTT, 200 Swanton St., Apt. 
L-ll, Winchester. Mary is Program Manager, 
Employer Services, MA Division of Employment 

^B ^^s ^^? ^55 v^^ 4H MHI WWB P^^VI IHHi ■''' wiSM. ^M 


■iM ttf.m». 



■I S ' '<• ILitT^ ^"WMI IW ^^Wi 

^imsz rsiS.""!" '^JiiiSiiB 

If^-^t^pjPiV' >. > 'li,/'^ 

^^QAM ^Ac^utyuie^ dSiJuJUUyvCt^ 

1963 . . . continued 

Rita MOONEY Zassenhaus: "An exciting year: 
Natalie in high school, Deborah in junior high, 
and Heather, our baby, a 4th grader. I've com- 
pleted my 1st year as an Accountant (corporation 
tax matters) with General Business Services, 
Rockville, MD. We also survived Deborah's April 
Bat Mitzvah. Would love to hear from everyone. 
8601 Timber Hill Lane, Potomac, MD 20854." 

"Have MA. in Psychology and hope to start 
Ph.D. Am Project Coordinator for a parenting 
project 1 designed involving a group considered 
high risk for child abuse— single mothers with in- 
fants. My children Molly (5) and Joel (10) are 
usually delightful. My husband Ralph enjoys work 
at Stanford as a neuropsychologist. Marjoric. I lost 
j/our address. Please write " Bette UNGER 

Kleman, 3738 Starr King. Polo .Alto. C.A ^I4.!0o 


Jane BOYDEN Kropp — Secrt-tari.- 
81 Maple PI. 
Dedham. MA 0202b 


Linda FOSTER Nixon — Secr^.c. 
72 Farm St.. Dover. MA 02030 

Susan LAYNG Bogle — Secretary 
11605 S.W. 103rd Ave., Miami. FL 33176 
Congratulations to Suzanne BENZ Costa, Con- 
gers, NY, who graduated from St. Thomas 
Aquinas College in '78. A psychology major, she 
is now with IBM Data Processing Headquarters. 
Sons (8 and 10) also keep her busy. 

Best wishes to Mary Elizabeth CLAPP Searle, 

nev.'ly married. 

Laurie-Jean FINNERTY Thompson: "After all 
my city life, we are enjoying the peace of country 
living in Carlisle. We boat in Gloucester summers. 
This fall I'll be involved as a monitor of 'Renewing 
Love' classes in my home." 

"Life is busy with Chris (7). Elizabeth (4), and 
Kate (1). We are restoring a tum-of-the-century 
country manor. Peggy JACOBS Kleimon and I 
often meet for lunch at the Marriott. Anybody 

want to join us? 

Linda FOSTER Nixon, 72 

Farm St., Dover, MA 02030. 

Julie GURKA Kubaska just got her B.A. from 
the College of New Rochelle, will be teaching 
elementary school in the fall. 

From Switzedand. Dorothy "Dolly" HODGSON 

Rea laments "time is rapidly going by as we plan 
for trips while we're 'here.' We could stay another 
30 years and still be busy! We had a nice visit from 
G.G. BOYER in 1978 here in Geneva. Thanks, 
Cree, for making certain G.G. and I got together 
— we had a ball." (Dorothy is at 4 Chemin de 
Lacolat. 1226 Thonex (GE), Switzerland. 

A calligrapher is Lois Harley MACKENZIE Elia, 
Winchester. She exhibited her work at the New 
England Rehabilitation Hospital, Woburn. Lois 
teaches calligraphy with the Belmont Adult Edu- 
cation Program in addition to doing custom work 
on invitations, citations, etc. Richard teaches 
English at Salem State. 

Bcverlee PEMBROKE Hill is president of the VT 
Court of Reporters Association. She runs a part- 
time court reporting service and is past president 
of the Washington County Legal Secretaries As- 
sociation. Volunteer activities^ include Montpelier 
Swim Team and Little League. She is mother of 

"Finally working! (Children Nickie and Lisa now 
10 and 8.) Selling real estate in Newton area. I see 
Margie STORY Brown once in awhile— she's 
terrific." . . . Susanne JOHNSON Nicolazzo. 

Much joy to Marcia LUNDGREN Johns and her 

husband on their daughter Emily Kristin's first 
birthday in October. Marcia writes, "I've visited 
Marilynn PAGANELLI Cummings, who lives in 
San Francisco. We are both TWA flight attend- 
ants." I also get together with Lynn CALLIS 
Brown and family of Mission Viejo. We live one 
hour north of San Francisco— 6565 Birth Dr., 
Santa Rosa, CA 95404." 

"Looking forward to getting back to VA. Will miss 
new Lasell Alum Group here!" writes Helene 
VIENER Sowerby. She and her husband will be 
leaving Atlanta after 7V2 years when her husband 
joins a firm in Lexington, VA. 

Susan BRATENAS Gannon, Reading: "Aiter 

working 7 years in Polaroid's International Divi- 
sion, 1 left for a part-time job at American Manage- 
ment Association. This allows me to accompany 
my husband on international business trips. Re- 
cently went to Monte Carlo! In my spare time 1 
thought I'd take a correspondence course to 'learn 
brain surgery at home'!" 

"Still located in Southern NJ (Willingboro) . Our 
daughters are Beth (10) and Melissa (6). It hardly 
seems possible that we've been graduated so 
long!" . . . Susan CALLIS Terrio. 

Linda CHENEY Burney would "love to hear 
from anyone from Blaisdell." Address: 550 Wil- 
marth St.. Attleboro, MA 02703. 

Flying since 1967 is Katherinc CONNORS who 
enjoys her work as TWA flight attendant, lives in 

Nan EISENSTEIN Speller: "Lanry and I live in 
Nashville, TN where he practices Endodontics. 
Children are Andy (9) and Stephanie (7)." 

1966 . . . continued 

Margherita CUILLARO Trioni '66. 

1967 .. . continued 

Ellen WAGNER Coll has lived in D.C., Ger- 
many, SC, Portland, ME, and now in NYC where 
she may be settled for awhile! 

"Twelve years In higher education have helped 
me to value even more the education and growth 
experience I received at Lasell. I now work in stu- 
dent activities at a NH state college. I'm thankful 
for the guidance we received especially from Miss 
Chapman." . . . Elizabeth WEBB Cheney, Ply- 
mouth, NH. 


Sandy DeMARCHENA is President of The Silver 
Turtle, a manufacturers rep for imported lingerie, 
etc., from France. She lives in Miami, FL. 

Greetings from Elizabeth ENSOR Garcia. 82 

Kingsbury Rd., New Rochelle, NY, whose son 
Andrew Armstrong Garcia is now 3V'2. 

Congratulations to Rita GUILLARO Triano who 

was recently appointed Director of Employee 
Services, Connecticut General Life. She has been 
with the company since 1969 and was Assistant 
Director of Employee Services since 1976. She 
and George live in Avon, CT. 

A note from Susan HIGGISTON Viault. 3 Lin- 
coln Lane, Ridgefield, CT 06877: "We are home 
after a brief 6-month move to San Francisco Bay 
area. Lisa (10), Debbie (8) and Russell (2V2) 
loved CA, but we are happy to be back East. Ray 
is with General Foods in White Plains." 

"Began my career with Honeywell in 1970 as a 
secretary and 'moved up the ranks' to facility 
Branch Manager and currently manage 3 facilities 
in the MA area. In the spring my husband Warren 
(Senior Engineer at Honeywell) and I enjoyed an 
all expenses paid vacation in FL in recognition for 
performance achievement. Thoroughly enjoy ski- 
ing, tennis, yoga and jogging. In March I joined 
Lasell's Board of Management and look forward 
to participating in the Board's program." . . . 
Arlene PARATOPE Avery, Woburn. 

Alice REEVES Hood: "Moving to Detroit. Bill 
was transferred by G . E . Expect our first little Hood 
in August!" 

A message from Lois SAWYER Caulfield: 
"Susan HALLORAN Baxter, make your 
presence known! Your roomie is at 27 Arlington 
Ct., Burlington, VT 05401." 

"We've been in CA (Saratoga) for 10 years and 
love it. Family are Stacey (11), Lisa (10), Nickel, a 
golden retriever. A year ago I began as Executive 
Secretary to a V.P., National Semiconductor, 
where my husband Steve is PR Director. I work 
part-time and have the most patient and under- 
standing boss. After not working for 12 years— 
and then only for 6 months, I was scared! It really 
didn't take long before my shorthand came back 
and my typing passable (especially with the self- 
correcting machines) . I speak to Dorcen COHEN 
Murray often and hope to visit her soon." . . . 
Lynn STERN Fields. 

Nancy BEGG Halsted — Secretarii 
39 Oatmoor Dr., Vernon, CT 06066 
Martha Jane BEGLEY Hertel keeps in touch 
with "roomie Ann HUDSON North and Perry 
SAGER MacFarlane, but would love to hear 
from Pickard housemates and fellow classmates." 
Her address is 5 Maple Ct., Simsbury, CT 06070. 

Dec CULLEY Davis, Jim, and sons Jimmy (8), 
Brian (7), John (3), and Charlie (1) live in Wheel- 
ing, WV where Jim is a salesman for WTRF-TV. 

A news flash from Carol DE VITO Piper: "The 
Pipers are proud to announce the arrival of 
Johanna Mae. Born: August 14, 1978. Arrived: 
October 20, 1978." Carol is at 12 Chester Ave., 
Burlington, MA 01803. 

"Life is busy and full, work part-time for local 
M.D., teaching a K-1 crafts class, PTA, etc., and 
busy with Terrence (6) and Erica (3). We're ex- 
cited this year about the computer systems con- 
sulting firm my husband Peter co-founded. Still 
being a Newtonite, I enjoy keeping my eye on 
Lasell happenings." . . . Donna GARROW 

"Cape Cod has been great. Richard owns Marston 
Mills Cash Market and is full-time firefighter in Yar- 
mouth. David (9), Andrew (5) are both thrilled 
with the arrival of their sister (see Births)." . . . 
Susan HALEWOOD Crosby, South Yarmouth. 

Ann HUDSON North: "Fond memories of Lasell 
days at Pickard, let's hear more from Pickard. 
Davis is still with DuPont Co., TX. Our busy life 
revolves around Mike (9) and Jennifer (7). Huts 
and Boodie ask, Boodgy YAKAVONIS, where 
are you?" Ann is at 711 Richvale Rd., Houston, 
TX 77062. 

Now with Liberty Mutual, Boston, is Virginia 
KINGSMAN, a Rehabilitation Nurse. She works 
closely with physicians and patients to assist suc- 
cessful recovery. 

"I have been living in NJ, 15 minutes from Phillie 
for IV2 years. Am an unemployed freelance 
editor doing volunteer work for the Free Library of 
Philadelphia while job hunting. I study Italian, 
continue my quilting and work on a cookbook. I 
also have a breadbaking business, more for friends 
than to make money." . . . Heather HEATH 
Gillespie, Cherry Hill, NJ. 

After receiving a B.A. (psychology), Ellen KLING 
Leifer traveled in Europe, returned for a M.A. 
(counseling) and now is with an aptitude testing 
and research service. 

As a 3rd year student at the Medical College of 
PA, Joan Marie LEAHY Goldberg and Lanry live 
in Philadelphia. Lanry, a Case Western Reserve 
and Hahnemann Medical College grad, is Assist- 
ant Director of the Emergency Dept., St. Mary's 
Hospital and is also working on a law degree. 

Stephanie PENDLETON is "currently renovating 
a Boston townhouse and becoming a landlord." 
She is a designer at the Graphics Supermarket. 


Evan and Toiler, twins of Melinda SMITH Par- 
tridge '68. 

1968 . . . continued 

Carol SPINDLER Picciano '68's Gina (2V2) and 
Patricia TORBRON Geoghegan '68's Alex (2). 


Mary Ann MITCHELL Beaver — Secretary 
80 Carriage Dr., So. Windsor, CT 06074 
Laura GLASS of Los Angeles is now Administra- 
tive Assistant to the President, United Artists 
Music Publishing Co. 

"We thoroughly enjoy living in Paxton. Getting 
the Bulletin and news of the Karandon girls is 
great, 1 only wish more Kuties would take 5 
minutes and write!" . . . Deirdre "Dec-dee" 
GREEN Simons, 108 Holden Rd., Paxton, MA. 

"Despite a great deal of moving around and a 
growing family, Ben (5) and Bccca (2), 1 finished 
my B.A. at the U. of Pittsburgh in Secondary 
Education Social Sciences. My husband Chuck, 
an Economics Professor has been affiliated with 
Carnegie-Melon, U. of CA/Berkeley, MIT and 
Harvard. We have just decided to continue our 
stay at Hebrew U., Jerusalem. 1 have enjoyed 
teaching in Berkeley and Lexington, MA, also 
taught Chinese cooking, an art 1 picked up in San 
Francisco. Now struggling to learn Hebrew so I 
may work here. We usually summer in Cam- 
bridge, 1 would love to hear from old friends at 68 
Walker St., Cambridge, MA 02138. . . . Cath- 
erine "Kitty" MOSS Manski. 

Linda-Marie SOLBERG Bullens and Thomas of 
Longmeadow, MA are parents of Shaun William 

Janet SHEFFER Kerney: "Nestled away on our 
Bucks County (Newtown, PA) farm for several 
years with my brood (6) . Back to nursery school 
teaching in the fall." 

1969 . . . continued 

"Life is good," writes Melissa SMITH Hubbard, 

E. Walpole. "Daughter Shaw (SVa) and son Frost 
(2) . I am developing a clerical training program for 
the handicapped at a rehabilitation workshop, 

Carol SPINDLER Picciano's new address is 417 
Warwick Rd., Haddenfield, NJ 08033. She 
writes, "Patty TORBRON Geoghegan visited us 
in February during the big snowstorm. We had 
recently moved and the kids loved the excite- 
ment. Alex and Gina loved going to Keystone 
Racetrack to watch 2 of our horses run . We visited 
Boston in May, saw many friends." 


Constartce FARLEY Whittall — Secretary 
Long Hill, Rowley, MA 01969 

"I am happily married and my husband & I have a 
beautiful home in W. Newbury, one of the few 
old-fashioned New England towns left in MA," 
reports Muriel BELKIN Rowcll. 

Carol BOISEN Hawley: "Am now living at 121 
Walpole St., Norwood, MA 02062 with husband 
Tom, a dentist. Married in Nov. '78, 1 do his books 
and appointments & am busy redoing our home. I 
hear from Kathy GARLAND Rice who is back in 
TX and would enjoy hearing from others. My 
regards to Mrs. Cousins." 

"I'm now back in my own home in the heart of the 
White Mountains," . . . Sharon PERKINS 
Behrens, Box 269, N. Conway, NH 03860. 

A graduate of U. NM, Susan P. RILEY is in retail 
management, with Titles Unlimited Booksellers. 

"Peter and I enjoy our new life in PA — totally dif- 
ferent than OKI— Peter joined a 30 man multi- 
specialty group where he is an orthopedic 
surgeon. 1 am busy with Tracey (5) and Julie (2). 
Also on several community hospital committees 
and did some teaching. Would love to hear from 
classmates in the area." . . . Shirley SPARKS 
Kent, 232 Chenry Lane, Lansdale, PA 19446. 

Mary L. STEARNS is now at John Wanamaker's 
in Philadelphia. 

"Aside from my own business — Sun Mountain 
Trading Co.— we have two daughters (2V'2 and 3 
months)," writes Mardee STEWART Ginsberg, 
5701 E. Glenn St., Suite 6, Tucson, AZ 85712. 

Jan WILLIAMS Keller wrote an article on the use 
of cereal (Alpha-Bits) to motivate children to learn 
their alphabet, for Instructor magazine — nationally 
circulated to elementary school teachers. 

Susan JOHNSON Roach — Secretary 
93 Yale Ave., Middlebury, CT 06762 

"I have been teaching Health Education and Busi- 
ness Math at Tilden High, Brooklyn, NY for IV2 
years.," writes Ellin BLUMBERG. "Love every 
minute of it!" 

Sally BURKE Barrowman was featured in an ar- 
ticle in a December issue of "Leisure" (Albany, 
NY) discussing "Feminine Fashions." Sally is a 
coordinator for the Barbizon Shop. 

Lorna CHAMBERS Andrade: "I am Staff Nurse, 
Boston City Hospital in OB-GYN. 1 have a Nurs- 
ing B.S. from Boston State and plan to go on for a 
M.A. in Maternal Child Health Care." 

Michele CHELENZA is a member of Theatrelan, 
performing and teaching theatre company in Port- 
land, OR. Permanent address: 138 Woodside 
Dr., Newark, NY 14315. 

"After quite a few years leave of absence from col- 
lege, I just graduated from Santa Monica College 
(CA). In the interim, I had various jobs. I am most 
anxiously awaiting any news of old classmates. 
Still correspond with Linda MIRIJANIAN from 
Pickard." . . . Victoria COHN, 12310V2 Mon- 
tana Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90049. 

A graduate of Ohio Wesley an, Kristan COR- 
YELL is at Monroe County Dept. of Social Serv- 

Robyn DeANGELIS Byrd returned home after 
an extensive European trip with the new "Holly- 
wood Ice Revue." She has also appeared at 
Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and is a former 
member of the Skating Club of Boston. Robyn 
lives in Bedford, NH. 

Owner and Director of East Aurora Montesorri 
School is Martha DWYER-Bergman in E. 
Aurura, NY. 

Holding a B.A. and a M.A. in Remedial Reading 
from B.U., Sherri FEINBERG Chused studied 
in England and now works in the Acton, MA 
schools; also a B.U. graduate, Alan has a degree 
in Business Administration. 

Sarah Ruth GIBB is now site manager for the 
Warner Community Action Elderly Nutrition Meal 
Site in NH supervising meals and additional social 
and health services, she will also conduct out- 
reach activities. 

Now working in a biology lab, Carol GOULIAN 
has a B.A. from Lesley and an M.A. from NYU in 
psychology. Formerly she taught emotionally dis- 
turbed children. 



Susan JOHNSON Roach: "Hi to '71 classmates, 
especially the nurses! The twins, Jimmy & Michael 
are 2*72 yrs. Our newest, David, is now 8V2 mos., 
a real joy! My nursing career is at a standstill. 
There's never enough hours in the day. 1 love 
hearing about old friends via the Bulletin." 93 Yale 
Ave., Middlebury, CT 06762. 

"Graduated F.D.U. Jan. 1974," writes Caryn 
KIRSCHENBAUM Blackman. "Moved with 
husband to Virgin Islands. Taught there 2 years. 
Twins (see Births) born there. Have just returned 
to 1725 York Ave., NYC 10028 and spend time 
in both places." 

Nancy KUEHL Mayo: "Ted got a job at the 

Waterbury YMCA, so we're at 145 Fiske Street, 
Waterbury, CT 06710. My roommate Jane 
GLUNTS Kampf lives in nearby Cheshire with 
husband Andy and son Joshua. Hear regularly 
from Jan HEAVISIDE Wagner '70 who just 
moved from AK to ME!" 

Susan LEONARD Kincaid and John live in 
Hollywood, CA. Until December of 1978 Susan 
was in the Art Dept., United Artist Records. John 
is with Glen Glenn Sound Co. and is a graduate of 
UCLA. Their address is 7917 Waring Ave., W. 
Hollywood, CA 90046. 

Graduating May, 1979 is Kathy LOCKWOOD— 
Rochester Institute of Technology (MBA); been 
with Xerox for 5 years. 

For Linda MARGENTINO D'Amato and 

Michael— not only a new son (see Births), but also 
a new address: 84 Topsail Ct., Greenville, SC 

A flight attendant with American Airlines is 
Christina NAHATIS. 

Barbara PLUTA Randall lives in Pittsford, NY, 
with husband Todd and son Sean (2V2). 

Pamela RICHARDSON Acevedo writes, "Mar- 
ried, living in Framingham . . . one child . . . De- 
gree in Nursing . . . housewife working part time 
as free lance with engineering firm." 

Debra L. SLYE has been appointed manager of 
the Simsbury Branch of Society for Savings. 

Robyr) DeANGELIS '71 of Bedford, NH practices for figure skating performance. 

>■«!•;. *''*V.v5&.v,\--S, 


Hane HLNAULI — becretaty 
84 St. Stephen Street, Boston, MA 02115 

"Finally have my BA from U. of Cincinnati even- 
ing college," writes Beth ANDREWS Davis. "My 
husband also graduated from Medical School in 
June and has a residency in Pediatrics. I am an 
Ass't Mgr. for the First National Bank. I was 
Treasurer of the 1979 National Figure Skating 
Championships held here. A huge success, the 
best run Nationals this country has ever seen, so 
you can imagine what a thrill it weis. Best regards 
to my classmates." 

New address for Mary BEAUMONT Sharkey: 
2604 Mountain Rd , Joppa. MD 21085. 

Cynthia DAIGLE is with the Office of Guidance, 
Kcefe Vocational Technical High in Framingham, 

"I'm working as a research writer at Manufacturers 
Hanover Trust Co. in N.Y.," reports Nancy EN- 
SOR Smith. 

Nancy GERMAIN Smith and husband Steve 
bought their first house in N. Attleboro in Dec. 
Planning a family soon, she is not working. 

GaU KAUFMAN Furgal writes: "My husband 
Jim and I live in Fairport, NY. I am a freelance il- 
lustrator and we ate expecting our first baby. Sue 
SCHRADE lives and works in NYC. Sue 
ISRAEL is to be married." 

"Rick and I just had our first anniversary! To cele- 
brate, we went back to St. Croix in July. We both 
changed jobs last fall. Rick is now a service 
manager for Volvo in Watertown. I am at a private 
Child Care Center in Lexington with infants and 
toddlers.' . . . Sharon KLING-Tair. 

"We keep in touch with 'Munch' Miller, Pat 
DeMELLO, Karyn AMICANGIOU Rizzo and 
Kathy MORGAN Luccy. Please say hello to Brad 
and Muriel Sheppard for us." 

Nancy MORGAN Cummings just received her 
B.A., College of New Rochelle. "Hope to con- 
tinue as a pre-school teacher. Special hello and 
warmest wishes to Briggs House friends. Please 
keep in touch: 100 Robins Road, New Rochelle, 
NY 10801." 

"Moved with my husband and son to Ireland in 
June." writes Lynn MUNSON Cashman. "Bill is 
from Ireland and will be in orthopedic surgery at 
Cork Regional Hospital. Anyone visiting please 
look me up c/o Bill." 

Cynthia SCALZI has a B.S. in Education from 
Syracuse and is getting her M.A. at Fairfield U. 
while teaching in the Stanford (CT) Public School 

Living in New Britain, CT are Lee STAFFORD 
Lirot and Paul. He graduated from Bowman 
Technical School and is a jeweller. Lee is a sales 
rep. for Kelly Services. Hartford. 

Joanne WHITE Bartlett is working in a retail 
location consultant's office in Portland, ME. The 
business helps stores or shopping center devel- 
opers plan new locations. 

Robin Lee GENDEN — Secretarv 
86 Pearl St., *1D, Springfield. MA 01105 
Carolyn COPELAND is presently a retail sales 
representative for the Consumer Products Divi- 
sion of Coming Glass Works in Cleveland— one 
of the few women with the company in sales! 

Now living on the Cape, Mary Lou DUQUETTE 
Hall teaches special needs 2nd graders. She re- 
ceived her M.A. in Special Ed. in August from 
Lesley. Husband Cheu-les is a dispatcher for the 
Harwich Police Dept. 

Robin Lee GENDEN has been working as an Ac- 
count Executive for WWLP (NBC affiliate) for 2 
yrs., and is having a good time. 

"I became engaged in Dec. '78 to Mark M. Foster, 
travel agent. I'm still working as a medical assistant 
and counselor at the Mayfair Women's Clinic in 
Denver, " writes Nancy C. KOEHLER. 

Thora LAUSTEN Femquist worked as Person- 
nel Asst. for College Town until the birth of her 1st 
child in 1976. Her husband is a Systems Admini- 
strator for Loomis-Sayles, a Boston investment 
counseling firm. They now have 2 sons. 

After graduating from Lasell, Jane MILLER 
received a degree from Boston College. 

"My husband, Mark, and I recently moved from 
NH to NJ. I work for a progressive publishing firm 
as a computer formatter. Mark is a salesman for 
VW." . . .- Rosemary ROSS Guerin. 

In December Ramona SCAPERROTTA com- 
pleted an M.S. at Fordham U., N.Y.C. in Special 
Ed., Learning Disabilities and graduated in May. 
"I am working part-time w/the Tarrytown (NY) 
Public Schools." 

Barbara TORREY Centofante: "Busy is the 
word . . . My husband Joseph promoted to 
Hospital Representative for Upjohn Co. Our son 
Peter (1) is growing fast . . . exploring every inch 
of our house. We moved to our first home in June 
at 692 Sheridan Ave., Plainfield, NJ 07060. I 
love reading the Bulletin news and congratulate 
my freshman roommate, Ruth CUSHMAN on 
her marriage— lots of joy and luck." 


Sharon L. COWLES — Secretary 
334 North St., Boston. MA 02113 

A Staff Nurse at Middlesex County Hospital and 
at the River St. Detoxification Center for the last 2 
years is Cindy BLAGDON Grace, who has a BA 
from Simmons and intends to become a Nurse 
Counselor. She is particularly interested in al- 
coholism and teenage pregnancy. Cindy was mar- 
ried for the 2nd time last year and children are 
Cathy (16) and Crawford (12). 

"Work at the Criminal Court of Boston," writes 
Christine PIERSON Conroy. "In Sept. going to 
Northeastern U. for a M.A. in Psychology. Would 
like to hear from Melanie BRASS." 

1974 . . . continued - 

Gladys RODMAN is working on a B.S. from 
Worcester State. She has been a nurse at Newton- 
Wellesley Hospital for 5 years, but hopes to be- 
come a nurse-practitioner in an urban area, offer- 
ing preventive health care to people in their own 
homes and neighborhoods 

PamelaBRIGHAM — Secretary 

10 North St., Northborough, MA 01532 

Adoree KAPOPOLOUS — Secretary 

36 Loden Green Dr., £. Falmouth, MA 02536 

%vtaJL(^ U^ 

1975 .. . continued 

A private secretary in Worcester, Debra ADAMS 
Yanka and husband honeymooned In the 
Bahamas. Samuel is a Probation Officer and U. 
So. FL graduate. 

Ellen BEKE is an RN in the intensive care unit, 
Yale-New Haven Hospital. She has a BS in psy- 
chology from Bridgeport U. 

"Working at Raytheon Data Systems in Norwood 
—Secretary for the Manager of Compensation," 
reports Sharon BONITO Losordo. 

Pamela BRIGHAM writes: "After graduation, I 
took training programs for retail management, but 
it wasn't stimulating enough. I decided to try It on 
my own, so in May I opened a jr. and misses shop 
(The Classy Lass), Main St., Falmouth, MA. 
Summer and Christmas were busy. If in the area, 
please stop by. Success has me contemplating a 
second shop. Adoree KAPOPOULAS, another 
retailer works at the store tool" 

Working as a medical sales rep. for Miles Products 
is Wendy Lynn CLARKE. 

A graduate of U. CO, Eileen COATES Is now 
with Polaroid Corp. 

After a Bermuda honeymoon Laurie CRAVEN 
Halpin writes that she and Patrick live in Aga- 
wam, MA. She is a credit analyst, Third National 
Bank, Patrick a salesman, Westinghouse. 

Audrey DOBBINS Aduama is Office Manager 
for Blackside Inc. Christian Is a graduate of the RI 
School of Photography and works for Miller 
Studios in Quincy. 

Recently married, Nancy HALL McLaughlin 

now lives in Acton, MA. 

Thedie KERMATH Fein unable to find nursing 
work in WY, became a governess to 4— ages 2, 3, 
5 and 7. She met her future husband, returned to 
NYC where she is now at St. Vincent's Hospital. 

"My husband Paul graduated from the U. of Penn 
School of Dental Medicine and has begun a year 
residency. I've been an Emergency Room nurse at 
U. Penn Hospital. I so enjoy the alumnae news — 
it keeps me in touch with so many old Lasell 
friends and memories. My new address: Barbeira 
KNAPP Farrell, 36A Aspen Hill, Narraticon. 
Deptford, NJ 08096." 

Mary Ellen MURRAY Canty writes: "Do you be- 
lieve this? Our 3rd address since graduation. 
Hope we're home for a while. 67 D Beacon 
Village, Burlington, MA 01803. Phone: 

Pamela MURRAY Burda: "I was married De- 
cember '77. Living in FL since '78. My husband & 
his children, a boy (5) and girl (3) enjoy the sunny 
climate here." 7927 Arabian PI., Orlando, FL 

A graduate of B.U. Susan R. SNYDER, is also 
employed at the university. 

Sandi WARADZIN Gardner married Randy in 
1976. They had known each other since they 
were 13! They own a home in Saunderstown, 
where Sat>di is an ER nurse at the RI Hospital. 

Rosemary BALBERCHAK — Secretary 
231 Rawson Rd., Apt. 6. Brookllne. MA 02146 
Diane ANDROS displayed some of her art work 
at the North Shore Children's Hospital this spring. 
She has exhibited in shows throughout New Eng- 
land and holds membership in the Lynnfield Art 

Tricia DZIEDZINSKI joined the sales staff of 
Manchester Wallpaper and Paint as an interior de- 
signer this spring. 

Employed as a legal secretary at the Maine 
Supreme Judicial Court in Portland is Holly 
GILFILLAN Ready. John, a Providence (RI) Col- 
lege graduate is with Harbor Supply Oil Co. 

Elaine GREGORY has worked for 3 years at 
Baystate Medical Center Chcm. lab in Springfield. 
"Have kept in contact with former classmate Mae 
SANTOS by mail and would love to hear from 
other MAT'S. Enjoy frequent visits with Jill LIND- 
NER Hagstrom. Most of all I miss the Pizza Man!" 
4F Belden Ct., Agawam, MA 01001. 

With a B.A. in Industrial Psychology and Person- 
nel Management Allison HAGUE lives at 11 
Champlain Terr., Montclair, NJ 07042. She is the 
new president of the Greater New York Lasell 
Club. She works for the Director of Fashions at 
Lord & Taylor. "It's super, I just love it!" 

Rene PIRE Luongo works for a dermatologist in 
New Haven, CT; Michael is a self-employed 
building contractor. 

Betsy J. SCHRADE: "Spent '77-'78 living in 
Germany traveling through Europe — most re- 
warding experience! Presently with Skidmore Col- 
lege's External Affairs (fund-raising $12.5 million 
goal). I am Senior Campaign Research secretary. 
I love working in a college. Hope to study while 
working. I had a short visit with Paula RIGGS 
Young, and husband who have just purchased a 
great house in Milford, NH and having fun fixing it 


1976 . . . continued 

Rachel STERMAN lives in Cambridge, works for 
EENT in Lynn, moving back to North Shore 

Working at Pitney Bowes in Ft. Lauderdale is Vic- 
toria Ann THOENEN. 


Kathleen J. FINNEGAN — Secretary 
3 Chase St., Danvers. MA 01923 
Laurel Leigh ALDEN joined the U.S. Navy in 
December 78. "I will be on the U.S.S. Samuel 
Gompcrs, a destroyer tender and quite a large 
ship— an interesting challenge. I'll visit many 
places in the Pacific. My home port is San Diego, 
CA. I'll write to let you know what shipboard life is 
like . . . something new for women." Box 
620879, 1 Division, NAB, Coronado, San Diego, 
CA 92155. 

Kathleen FINEGAN graduated from Simmons in 
May (B.A. in Management) and is working for 
Proctor & Gamble as a sales rep. in the Portland, 
ME area. 

"1 am in my last semester at U. Mass., Amherst, 
studying Fine Arts. Since I've been at U. Mass., 
I've taken a photo tech. course at Hampshire Col- 
lege and spent this past summer taking 2 courses 
at Hcirvard. Ilene BERNSTEIN, if you read this, 
get in touch! Hi to the Art Dept. and Mr. Aieta!" 
. . . Mary Beth FRENCH, 147 A Brittany Manor, 
Amherst, MA. 

Currently a med. lab technician at South Shore 
Hospital is Sandra HATHORNE Webb. Peter is 
a marketing rep. for Exxon. They live in Wey- 

Nancy HIRSCHFELD writes: "Nancy FLYNN, 
Susan HECHT, Diana CULLITY have relocated 
and enjoying every minute in San Diego, CA. 
Cheryl HANDS, Patricia ROCK and 1 have 
been promoted to Head Nurse roles at Youville 
Hospital, Cambridge." 

Tina-Marie PIZZO: "1 work as Asst. to Purch. 
Agent at Merchandising Equipment Group, So. 
Windsor, CT." 

1977 . . . continued 

Notes from Judy POSSIDENTE:"Karen AYE is a 

ski instructor at Snowbird, UT! Enjoying the West, 
her plans include a trip to Europe. Married in 
September '78 Janet GUERTIN Daigle lives in 
Webster and works at Hubbard Hospital. Dan is a 
Design Engineer in Worcester. Relocated in UT 
after living in New Orleans, Nancy HELLMUTH 
is skiing a great deal and looking into a Bum 
Center in Salt Lake City. A senior at Wheelock 
College, Nancy McFARLAND is an intern at 
MGH, Pediatric Div. as a child life coordinator. 
Mary OTOOLE enjoys the challenge of her job in 
the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at Hartford Hos- 
pital. She went out West to visit Lasell friends in 
April. Jean PHILBIN, along with Kim SMITH 
Gregoirc went to England and loved it! Now in 
Longmeadow, Jean is a court stenographer. Liv- 
ing in Meriden, CT, Kim SMITH Gregoire enjoys 
her work in a jewelry store . Gretchen STARIN is 
a medical secretary at Hartford Hospital and lives 
in Wethersfield, CT. I enjoy my job at Yale U. 
Medical Center on a surgical floor. A trip out West 
is planned— looking forward to seeing some Lasell 

Working at the CT Dept. of Correction is Beth 

Graduating from B.C. School of Nursing with a 
B.S. in Nursing, magna cum laude. Norma Gay 
SILVERSTEIN is now a staff nurse at Beth Israel 

Kimberly SMITH Gregoire's husband Michael 
has a BS (Management) from Northeastern and 
works at Gregman's Jewelers in Cheshire, CT. 

Christine Maura SON works at Kennedy 
Memorial Hospital. 

A graduate of U. of So. ME '79 with a B.S. in 
Nursing, Karen STAPLES Bauer is working at 
Regional Memorial Hospital in Brunswick, ME. 
Geoffrey is a Navy navigator and native of Alaska. 
"I'm doing fine, enjoying life. My best to 

;. to r. Nancy HELLMUTH, Judy POSSIDENTE, Mary OTOOLE, Karen AYE-dass of 1977 from 
Karen's and Nancy's window in Sandy, VT. 

Sylvia ALLEN Freematt — Secretary 
116 Prescott Ave., Riverside, RI 02915 
Nancy ALHEIM is employed at Mountainside 

A graduate nurse at Carolton Chronic and Con- 
valescent Hospital in Fairfield, CT is Sally Marie 

Judith TRISCHITTA Kelley is a secretary with 
Arthur D. Little. John is a Bentley student and an 
accountant at Faneuii Hall Market. 

Living in Medford is Susan WINN Kelly a nurse 
at Youville Hospital. Robert, a Boston State 
graduate, is with the E. Cambridge Savings Bank 

Beth GLASSMIRE — Secretary 

69 Prince St., Needham, MA 02192 

(617) 444-6243 after 6 p.m. 

Dear Class of 1979: 

Now that we have graduated we are scattered all 
over the country. We made many wonderful 
friends at Lasell, so let's keep in contact. As Class 
Secretary, I will try to help. Please help me by 
sending your Bulletin news so everyone may 
share, participate so our class will stay active 
alumnae. It will be fun to know what everyone is 
doing, so be sure to take the time to write me. 

Sharlaine ADDERLEY is home in the Bahamas 
(Stapleton Gardens, P.O. Box N 8516, Nassau, 
Bahamas) , facing many adjustments and working 
hard, 1 know she would love to hear from every- 

Linda J. AUSTIN, a grandmother, has accepted 
a position on the nursing staff at Pondville 
Hospital, Norfolk. 

Maureen BRENNAN is a nurse at J.B. Thomas 
Hospital, Peabody. 

Elizabeth CZORNIAK worked at Aetna Life and 
Casualty, West Hartford, CT for the summer. 
Elizabeth is now looking for permanent work. 

Lynn EATON is a full-time secretary at Limric 
Brothers Insurance Agency, Wellesley. While 
working she is training to be a Commercial Under- 
writer. Lynn lives with her sister Gail in Needham. 

Lee Anne WHITE has been accepted at New 
Hampshire College in Manchester, NH, in the 
four-year office administration program. 

Beth GLASSMIRE moved to Needham, lives 
with her sister and family, has a full-time secre- 
tarial job at Raytheon, Norwood. 

bisa HARKINS has worked many long hours 
since ^graduation on ourj-yearbook. It's«finally 
finished so we will all receive a copy in the fall, 
many thanks to Lisa for a job well done. 

1979 . . . continued 

Cheryl KRAFT was super busy this summer- 
mornings she worked at a motel, afternoons soak- 
ed up the sun, and evenings played on a Softball 
team. Cheryl will be at AIC this fall. 

Nancy RICHTSCHEIDT took the summer off to 
sun and take tennis lessons, preparing to look for 
a secretarial job this fall. 

Brenda STANTON waitressed at the Holiday 
Inn, Pittsfield, will be a student at U. MA this fall. 

Tracey TADEO Raimondi and her husband 
Chris honeymooned on a South American cruise. 



I \>)HI l^iilLim 

(USPS 386-400) 

Lasell Junior College 
Newton, MA 02166 

OlSPObi i iuM 

A riAvi. 


^l CF ' J T ftftL 5T ^» 

'~ Office of External Affairs 




Paid at 

Boston, MA 

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